Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wise Guy

Training Log
AM Run
Distance: 5.22 miles
Time: 47:57
Average pace: 9:09
It was 35 degrees for this run, and at first I thought I was under dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and a light New Balance jacket, but it turned out to be perfect after I warmed up a bit.

Food Log
Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel w/ peanut butter on one side, thin layer of cream cheese on the other, coffee
Snack: None
Lunch: Homeade nachos - about 10 chips sprinkled with "mexi-blend" cheese and salsa
Snack: One string cheese
Dinner: Hamburger*, one order of fries, 2 glasses of unsweet iced tea

*This is where the wheels fell off. Chad and I decided to go to Red Robin last night for dinner. I had every intention of getting a chicken burger, until I saw this:Yes, that is a hamburger with mozzarella sticks on it - aka "The Wiseguy". I am weird and normally put fries onto my hamburger, or chips onto my sandwiches, so this cheese stick burger looked amazing! I had talked myself out of it, but then Chad talked me back into it. I knew I would never get it again, so what the heck. I did ask for it without the pepperoni slices and the banana peppers. It was everything I thought it would be and more - so good!

After Red Robin, Chad and I went to a book store to look around, and then came home. By the time we arrived home I had the worst stomachache...darn you, Wiseguy!! But, I wasn't very surprised that it made my stomach hurt. I pretty much went to bed as soon as we got home (8:45!) and I feel much better this morning...which is good, because I am about to head to the pool. No one wants to deal with stomach issues while swimming!


SaJax said...

No banana peppers, I get. But why would you pass on the pepperoni slices? Pizza on a bun? Sign me up.

Chad said...

i just like the fact that sajax has stuck...I consider me and Leroy to have accomplished something on that one.