Saturday, November 14, 2009


Training Log
Morning Run-
Distance: 8.05 miles
Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Average Pace: 8:56/mile

Afternoon Swim-
Distance: 1050 yards
Time: 30 minutes (5 minute warm up, 23 minute work-out, 2 minute cool down)
Average Pace: 2:11 minutes per 100 yards

Food Log
Pre-Run: whole wheat toast with strawberry jam
Breakfast: bowl of Golden Grahams, grande nonfat caramel macchiato
Snack: 2 "pigs in a blanket", 3 saltines with slices of cheddar cheese, banana with peanut butter
Lunch (post-swim): Subway 6in turkey on wheat, american cheese, tomato, black olive, pickle, 12 0z. 2% chocolate milk, 2 cookies (1 peanut butter, 1 chocolate chip)
Dinner: 1/2 order baked ziti, 1/2 breadstick, few slices of cucumber and tomato salad, 20 oz. Cherry Pepsi
Dessert: I may or may have not eaten 1/3 pound of a mix of sour gummy worms, gummy coke bottles, and Sour Patch Kids

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I started the morning out with an 8 mile run around Nicholasville. It was an absolutely beautiful morning - sunny, clear and in the 50's. After my run, I got cleaned up and headed into Lexington to the Volkswagen dealership. About a month or so ago, the radio in my car stopped working. It wouldn't power on or anything. I finally called the dealership this week, and they told me to stop by and they would reset it for me. So, I stopped by this morning and they took the radio out and then popped it back in, and it was back in working order! And, even better, they didn't even charge me anything for it. I also had to get a headlight replaced, but that only cost $20.

Once I got home, I took Emma out to Lake Mingo for a long walk. The park was practically empty, so she got to have some fun off-leash time playing and running in the wide open spaces of the park. Once we got home, Emma played in the backyard for like 4 hours. She had a fun day - she is out like a light and snoring on the couch next to me now!

Chad had to run sound for a wedding this afternoon, so I decided to go to the pool for a little while. I continued my set of 100 yards freestyle, followed by 50 yards breaststroke. My goal was to do this as many times as I could in 20 minutes. I ended up doing 7 of the 150 yard sets, with 3-5 second rests in between sets. I swam for 23 minutes, because I knew I could get the 7th set in. I hope to use this number as a guideline/baseline to judge any improvements in my swimming.

Tonight, Chad and I went to the mall to window shop and to get ideas for Christmas gifts. We spent most of our time in Williams-Sonoma - we both love that store. We will each hold up an item and be like "one day, when we have a bigger kitchen..." or "one day, when we have money to spend on this kind of stuff..." - but it is nice to dream! We had dinner in the food court at Sbarro, and got some candy from one of those candy bin places before we left. I haven't been to one of those stores in years, so it was fun to get some gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids!

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