Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm In Love...

...with Diet Coke Plus. It's been a brief relationship (I've only had two) but it has been magical. It's strange because I absolutely abhor Diet Coke. But there is something about the plus in Diet Coke Plus that does it for me.

Wikipedia states that "the flavor is slightly different from regular Diet Coke, the antioxidant Diet Coke Plus is flavored with green tea." This perplexes me even more because if there is something I hate more than Diet Coke, it's green tea. But mixed together, they make something very magical.

In other Coke news, I'm very excited about a special treat that I am going to have this weekend. Chad and I are taking a short road trip to Louisville on Saturday to go car shopping - and I've decided that on the drive I'm going to have a bottle of Coke with dry roasted, salted peanuts poured in it. Chad thinks that it is pretty sad that I'm so excited about this and have talked about it every day of the week thus far - but it is so good. I remember when my sister and I were little my dad would take us fishing at Lake Arlington and we would have peanuts and Coke. I haven't had it in years, but I saw something about it online a few days ago and have practically been salivating since.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rabbys for Sale

Happy Easter! This morning, as I was taking our dog for her morning walk, I saw a sign in a neighbor's yard advertising "Rabbys for Sale." I was pretty perplexed - what exactly were they selling? Rabies? Possibly rabbis? I'm guessing that rabby is a new term for a bunny rabbit. Sales appear to be booming - tis the season for rabbys!

We are winding down after a late Easter lunch with good food and good friends. I'm still trying to get back on track with my training schedule after a few hectic weeks at work. I did a 16 miler this morning at the crack of dawn and it went pretty well. I will do my first 20 miler next Sunday, and then probably one more before I start to taper for the Flying Pig in May.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Egg McMuffin is a terrible thing to waste...

Disaster struck early and it struck hard for me at work this morning. McDonald's was very kind to donate breakfast for all of our phonebank volunteers this morning - and I pass by the McDonald's on my drive in to the studio - so I volunteered to stop and pick up the food.

Imagine this - 15 Egg McMuffins, 15 sausage biscuits, 15 Cinna-melts, 25 hasbrowns, and 15 large (steaming hot) cups of coffee. All packed into one very large cardboard box. The guy at McDonalds loaded the box into my car and off I went. I parked at the front of our building and traversed my way through ice and snow to get to the front doors. There are two sets of doors to get through to get into the building, and I made it through the first set just fine. The second set was a little more tricky, and I carefully balanced the box on my lifted knee as I tried to wrangle with the door. The entire time our security guard was just standing there looking at me...such a gentleman. Just as I thought, you know - I am going to put the box down and prop open the door -kerploosh! The bottom of the box broke loose and so did a torrent of scalding hot, premium roast McDonalds coffee. From the knees down, my precious khakis were now steaming with piping hot coffee. Have I mentioned how hot the coffee was? Yes, I'm pretty sure I have third degree burns on my legs and feet. At this point, the security guard opens the door and says "You know, I was just thinking that I should have opened the door for you."

So, there I was, standing in a steaming, soggy pile of coffee, hash browns, and Egg McMuffins. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But I ended up laughing hysterically - Megan, if you had only been there it would have made the situation perfect. Luckily, most of the food was salvageable, but the cups of coffee and soaked packs of sugar had to be tossed. The jury is still out on what can be done with the scalded flesh on my legs, and I fear the worst for my khakis and favorite pair of argyle socks.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Back

on the wagon. I've officially fallen off the marathon training wagon, but today I am making the attempt to get back on. March means it's pledge drive time in PBS land, so my schedule always gets really hectic this time of the year. At the station I work at, we pledge live on-air from March 1st-16th. It's a really fun time, but it starts to get crazy juggling all of my normal day to day responsibilites in the office, plus all the work and pre-pledge and post-pledge things that have to get taken care of in the studio. It makes for long days and 7 day, 70 hour work weeks, and I always have a difficult time juggling my work schedule and training. Last year it wasn't so bad because I was training for a half marathon, and it was relatively easy to get back on track with my mileage. With a full marathon training plan, I've found it's not so easy to catch back up. I've only really strayed from the plan this past week, so I hope too much damage hasn't been done.

Luckily, I am off all day today and I am going to get an 18-miler in. It is cold and raining/sleeting, so I am going to head to the gym in about an hour and do the run in three 6 mile segments - just to break up the monotony of being on a treadmill for three hours. I'm really hoping that next week I can get back on track and stick to my schedule - I might modify it slightly since I have been so fatigued from work. I would rather get something in and than do nothing at all. The good news is that starting on the 17th everything will go back to normal.

I think I am really stressing about my training more than usual because I want to do really well in Cincinnati in May. My family is going to be there and I am going to be running with my sister Megan, and I just want to be able to keep up. And I would love to run it in 4:30. This would knock about 35 minutes off of my previous marathon time, which seems crazy, but I really feel like I can do it. I guess we'll see!