Monday, November 16, 2009


Training Log
Distance: 3.3 miles
Time: 28:52
Average Pace: 8:44 per mile

Food Log:
Pre-run: Whole wheat toast with strawberry jam, water
Post-run: bowl of Golden Grahams with a sliced banana, coffee
Lunch: small Baja Chicken sandwich on wheat from Quiznos, with Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and Dr. Pepper
Snack: coffee mug of vanilla frozen yogurt
Dinner: Chicken fajita tacos with chicken, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, chips and salsa on the side

Today has been an inspiring day. My father-in-law ran the San Antonio marathon in just a little over 4:30 (4:34 I believe). He has trained for marathons before, but was always plagued with injuries like plantar fascitis that took him out of the race. He is also a cancer survivor. His main goal is to run the New York Marathon next year, but he and his running partner thought it would be a good idea to get a marathon under his belt this year, in preparation for New York. I talked to him yesterday after the race and he said that he felt a huge sense of accomplishment, but that he also felt like he had been to hell and back. That's quite a statement for a Southern Baptist pastor! But, I know he had a great time and I hope that I can run New York with him next fall. I put my lottery entry in, and I will find out in March if I get in for 2010. If I don't get in, our plan is to go to New York with Chad's mom, his sister Payton and her husband Jay to support him and cheer for him in the race. So either way, I am definitely looking forward to the first weekend in November, 2010!!

The other really inspiring thing I saw today was a segment on CBS about Matt Long, an Ironman and NYC firefighter who was hit by a bus during the NYC transit strike a few years ago. He was on his bike while he was hit, and his bike impaled him and practically gutted him like a fish. Doctors thought there was no way he would survive, but two years later he finished the New York marathon in a little over 7 hours. This summer, he completed Ironman Lake Placid. I read about his story in Runner's World and was really moved, but to see him and his family members and friends talk about all he has gone through, it was just really incredible. It really puts not running due to a sore throat, headache or back pains (anything really!) into perspective. Information on his foundation can be found at

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