Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Days to the Race!

Six days to the River Cities Tri! I am getting really excited about our trip to Louisiana and the triathlon this weekend. I've been excited for months, but the fact that we are leaving this week finally makes it tangible. My training has been going well, and I'm glad that we've had some high temps lately. I'm hoping this will acclimate me a bit to the beastly Louisiana weather!

This week will be busy with wrapping things up at work and getting ready for the trip, so I am going to do a slight taper in my training. It will be interesting to see what state I am in after a 9 hour drive on Friday, 3 hour drive early Saturday morning and then a busy afternoon picking up our race packets, having dinner and checking out the race site. I hope I am able to get some sleep on Friday night - we are stopping for the night just outside of Jackson, MS and Emma sometimes gets a little wild in hotels. So many new smells and sounds and sights for the little gal usually means that she wants to do everything but sleep when its lights out!

We'll arrive in Alexandria after a short drive (3 hours or so) Saturday morning, and then at 1:00 I will head to Shreveport (2 hours north) to meet up with my family and get our race packets. Chad and I bought a cooler yesterday (how did we not have a cooler after all this time?) and I am looking forward to stocking it with road snacks like grapes, apples, pretzels, water, and trail mix. I'm a sucker for gas station snacks and drive-thru burgers, so I want to make sure I have healthier options at my finger tips during the drive.

I'm not bringing my computer with me, but I'm hoping to use Chad's to get a race report up early next week. I know I will probably be updating Twitter frequently though!

I am so excited about this race - even though it is just a sprint distance triathlon...which is really not much in the world of triathlon. But for years my sister Megan and I have been saying that our ultimate goal is to do the Hawaii Ironman together. While I don't know if that will ever happen (although we definitely plan on doing a 70.3 together in the next few years) this race we are doing together this weekend is a small step in the direction of our ultimate goal of doing an Ironman together. I love sharing this passion for run/bike/swim with my sister! It will be great to do this race with her, and our Aunt Genie, too! I am looking forward to posting pictures from the weekend here. My mom has already made a "twins tri harder" shirt!

Training Log 7/19-7/25

Monday 7/19

• Rest

Tuesday 7/20
• 42:00 run (AM)
• 1:09:05 ride (17.1 miles) (PM)

Wednesday 7/21
• Rest

Thursday 7/22
• 42:46 run

Friday 7/23
• 23:00 swim

Saturday 7/24
• 51:52 bike (14 miles)
• 1:05 run
• 30 swim

Sunday 7/25
• Rest

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ordered a Garmin!

I am so excited - my Garmin Forerunner 305 should be arriving any day now! I have been longing for one of these GPS running watches for about 3 years, and Chad and I decided that now would be a good time to get one. The Forerunner 305 uses GPS to transmit your distance and speed, which includes your average pace and mile splits. I know this will be much more accurate than the Nike+ system, which was based only off of foot-strike.

The other aspect of the Garmin I'm excited about is the heart rate monitor. I've wanted to integrate heart rate training into my running for awhile, so I am excited to have the tools to do it now. Once I get the watch set-up and figured out and take it out for a few test runs, I will post a more thorough review. I hope it arrives today!

I also ordered a RoadID Wrist ID Sport. This is another training tool I've been wanting to order for a while. The RoadID website describes their product as "this awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind."

I ordered a yellow RoadID, with my name, Chad's cell phone number, my mom & dad's cell phone numbers, my birthdate, and "NKA" for "no known allergies". I pray that medical personnel never have to put my RoadID to use, but I do love having the peace of mind that I will always have identification and emergency contact information on me when swimming, biking and running. And RoadID is based in Northern Kentucky, so it is nice to support a local business!

Another good week in the books for my sprint triathlon training. My next race is in a week and a half and I can't wait!! I am so excited about this race in Louisiana.

Monday 7/12
• Swim: 30:00 min.

Tuesday 7/13
• Run: 32:22 min.

Wednesday 7/14
• Swim: 30:00 min.

Thursday 7/15
• Run: 40:00 min.

Friday 7/16
• Swim: 31:30 min.

Saturday 7/17
• Run: 1 hr. 5 min.
• Swim: 20 min.
• Bike: 1:15:18 (19 miles)

Sunday 7/18
• Bike: 52:57 (14.1 miles)
• Run: 27:00 (3 miles)
• Total brick time: 1:19:30

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Training Log 7/5-7/11

Monday 7/5:
• Swim: 30:00 min.

Tuesday 7/6:
• Rest day

Wednesday 7/7
• Swim: 35:00 min.

Thursday 7/8
• Run: 40:00 min.

Friday 7/9
• Run: 31:38 min.

Saturday 7/10
Lame Duck Course Preview/Clinic (recap below)
• Swim: .5 mile OWS - 18:33 min.
• Bike: 9.6 miles - 40:44 min.
• Run: 2.4 miles - 20:00 min.
• Total Time: 1:21:04

Sunday 7/11
• Bike: 14.3 miles - 53:09 min.
• Run: 2.2 miles - 18:11 min.

The Lame Duck Course Preview on Saturday morning was a great event. It was the perfect place to test my fitness and endurance on a challenging triathlon course without the stress and anxiety of an actual triathlon.

I was up at 5:30am, had my usual breakfast of coffee and Corn Flakes w/ banana and blueberries, then after getting ready I was out the door at 6:45. I arrived at the course at 6:45am - exiting I-75 about 10 minutes before this happened! I was glad I was not caught up in all of that. The interstate was shut down for a little bit due to that.

A transition area was set up in the parking lot next to the lake, so I got my bike racked and my transition stuff set up. Around 8:15am, the two coaches gathered everyone (there were about 40 people participating) and went over some general triathlon tips. I learned some great tips about the transition, like you always want to set your gear (bike shoes, running shoes, hat, race belt, etc.) on the front wheel side of your bike, rather than near the back wheel. Also, it is a good idea to strap the timing chip on your left ankle rather than the right, so that it won't accidentally get tangled in your derailleur.

We shuttled over to the start of the swim and hopped in the lake to start the 1/2 mile swim back to shore. The swim felt really good - I tried to practice my sighting and tried to get into a good rhythm. I know that I need to work on keeping my head down more, but towards the end I felt like I was in a good 3 strokes/sight/breathe routine. It was definitely helpful to do the swim without the mass swim start panic and chaos! I was hoping to finish around 20 minutes, so I was happy to come in at 18:33.

We waited for everyone to finish the swim, and then started out on the bike course. The bike and run courses are pretty challenging - the hills are relentless. I am pretty sure this neighborhood (Mallard Point) was carved into a small mountain range. The interesting thing about these hills is that some of them are long and gradual while others are short but very steep - my car had to work a little harder to drive up some of them! It is only a 9 mile ride, but my time was equivalent to a flatter 14 mile ride. My tip for getting up a hill (whether running or riding) is to increase your leg turnover and not look at the top of the hill. Keep your eyes down and focus on what is in front of you, not what is at the top. Before you know it, you will crest the hill.

I finished in the back of the first pack of bikers, and then took a little time in T2 to drink some of my Gatorade/water mixture and pour water over my head. It was about 10:30am at this point, and I knew there was no water out on the course. I started the run with two goals - to finish around 20 minutes and to not walk. Last year I had to walk part of the course and I felt like an idiot, so I didn't want that to happen again.

I finished the run right at 20:00 minutes, and didn't walk at all. After finishing, I walked down to my bike and was getting my things together when I struck up a conversation with the man who started the race years ago with his wife. We talked for a bit but then the heat and I think dehydration got to me and I almost blacked out! I told him that I needed to sit down so I grabbed my Gatorade and a Clif Bar and sat down in the shade to get my wits about me. A few minutes later I felt much better so I gathered up my things and headed to my car. On my walk to the car, a butterfly landed on my gear shifter and rode the rest of the way to the car. It was pretty strange! Overall, a great day of training out in Georgetown!

Hitching a ride

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lame Duck Triathlon Training Day

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Georgetown (KY) for a triathlon training session. The Lame Duck triathlon will always be special to me (it was my first triathlon) but I'm not going to be able to race it this year as it is the same weekend that we will be in Louisiana for River Cities. I got an e-mail this week about a training day that is being held tomorrow on the Lame Duck course. It is an opportunity to preview the course and do each leg of the course under the guidance of a USAT coach.

I double-checked with the race director to see if I could participate in the training day even if I am not registered for the Lame Duck, and he said that I could! I am really looking forward to this great training opportunity. Here is the schedule for the morning:
The Bluegrass Triathlon Club (BTC), in conjunction with event sponsor Swim Bike Run of Kentucky, USAT certified coach Beth Atnip and Jeff Buhr, will be offering a preview of the event’s entire course. This will give participants a chance to see the course, as well as learn some of the basics about triathlons and the Lame Duck. This is not a race, but an opportunity to try out the entire course at your own pace. The schedule is:
  • 7:45 – Arrive, unload gear
  • 8:00–8:15 - Sign up and set up your transition area
  • 8:15-8:30 – Transition area and swim course overview + Q & A
  • 8:30-8:45 - Shuttle to swim start
  • 8:45-9:15 – Swim - 0.54 miles (we will have a small number of swim safety personnel)
  • 9:15-9:30 - Transition, bike and run course overview + Q & A
  • 9:30-11:00 – Bike 9.1 miles & run 2.6 miles
  • 11:00-11:30 – Q & A
I normally run, bike and swim on Saturdays, so this will be a fun way to get in my workouts (really looking forward to the open water swim!) plus get some guidance and wisdom from USAT coaches. I'll be sure to include a recap in my 7/5-7/11 training log post!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Training Log 6/28-7/4

Monday 6/28:
Scheduled rest day

Tuesday 6/29:
•Distance: 6.0 mile push run (AM)
•Time: 60:03
• Notes: 30 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 jumping pull-ups

•Distance: 19.7 mile ride (PM)
•Time: 1:21:03
• Notes: 15.0 avg. mph, no energy at all during ride, only had water - should have taken Gatorade or a gel with me, glad to get it done though!

Wednesday 6/30:
•Time: 25:00 swim
• Notes: Planned to swim for 45 minutes, but the pool was packed with families and I had the only open lap lane. At 25 minutes in, a whole family got in the shallow end of my lane to play. I was feeling pretty fatigued and didn't want to navigate through 6 year olds, so I just called it quits.

Thursday 7/1:
•Distance: ~5.5 mile run
•Time: 47:33
• Notes: interval run

Friday 7/2:
•Time: 35:23 swim
•Notes: 5 min warm-up with freestyle & breaststroke at an easy pace, then 10 minutes continuous freestyle at a fairly consistent pace (1:55-2:00/100 yd.). 30 second rest between 10 minute sets. Felt great!

Saturday 7/3:
•Distance: 4.0 mile run
•Time: 36:46
•Notes: felt good, nice and steady pace

•Distance: 22.8 mile ride
•Time: 1:26:32
• Notes: 16.0 avg. mph. Felt great - started the ride right after finishing my run, ate a chocolate GU about 5 miles in, drank entire bottle of Gatorade/water mixture.

(I wanted to get a swim in on Saturday, but pool was closed for 4th of July)

Sunday 7/4:
•Distance: 14.3 mile ride
•Time: 53:31
• Notes: 16.4 avg. mph, felt good, legs were a little fatigued from yesterday's ride

•Distance: 3.1 mile brick run
•Time: 26:00
• Notes: felt great running off the bike, sweat was pouring, out & back run: focused on a keeping a nice & steady pace during the out portion, and picking up the pace on the back portion.

Overall, a good week of training! 4 weeks to River Cities, 9 weeks to Tri for Sight!