Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Training Log
Rest (as rx'd)

Food Log
Breakfast: 1 chocolate iced donut, banana, coffee
Lunch: Campbell's Health Select tequila lime chicken & rice soup, 1/2 cheese quesadilla
Snack: small chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard
Dinner: grilled chicken "zalad" from Zaxby's with ranch, unsweet iced tea
Dessert: 2 "mint-swirled" chocolate chip Tollhouse cookies

Today at noon, my Thanksgiving break officially began. I'm off this afternoon, tomorrow and Friday. While I am really sad that we are away from both of our families this year, I am excited that we will get to share Thanksgiving dinner and spend the afternoon with our friends.

Chad is smoking a turkey and two "boston butts" for the meal. Next to Jesus, me, his family and Emma, the man loves barbecue. I will be making my Paula Deen inspired twice-baked potato casserole, and a peanut butter pie.

I'll hopefully have a post up tomorrow or Friday with pictures from our Thanksgiving celebration!
post tomorrow evening with pictures

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