Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Run

Training Log
AM Run
Distance: 6.13 miles
Time: 55:02
Pace: 8:58 per mile

AM Swim
Time: 20 minutes

It felt great to get back into my Saturday morning long run routine. For a while now (since January 2007, can't believe it will be three years this January!) I have been doing my Saturday morning long runs in Wilmore with a group of friends. The group has changed over time, depending on people's running and racing goals, but I love getting my long runs in with friends. Through the spring and summer, I've been doing my long runs with my friends Chris and Kelly. Chris just finished her first marathon in October in Detroit, and Kelly is training for the Disney Marathon in January. We've taken a few weeks off from meeting, as Chris was recovering and Kelly and I had other Saturday morning obligations, but we met up yesterday morning to get in 6 miles. I love running with these girls because they push my pace, and the time goes by so quickly as we talk pretty much the whole time.

After finishing the run, I decided to head over to the Luce Center to get in a cool down swim. My plan for training through the winter is to get in at least one swim per week on Thursdays, and add an extra swim on Saturday any time I can. I got to the pool right as a little kid's swim team practice was ending, so 4 lanes opened up for community users. The other lanes were still being used by a high school swim team, so it really made me focus on my form! I didn't want to look like a total idiot in front of those kids!

Also, I was swimming in my lane when all of a sudden someone else was swimming in my lane with me. I didn't mind at all, but it was my first time to "share a lane." It was actually helpful, because I concentrated on my form even more. I didn't want to accidentally hit or kick the girl. Luckily, the lane next to us opened up pretty soon so I just went into that lane. I continued my workout from Thursday of doing a 100 yard sets, with 50 yard breaststroke in between. I want to get to where I swim for at least 30 minutes every time I'm in the pool. Right now I am in for 20-25 minutes, mainly because I get bored. I am going to look at a few websites to get some swim workouts, and plan on doing a 5 minute warm-up, at least a 20 minute workout, then a 5 minute cool down. I am really enjoying being back in the pool!

Food Log
Pre-run: small bowl of Rice Chex (I only ate half, because halfway through I realized I was eating the cereal with sour milk...yecch!)
Post-run, Pre-swim: Gatorade/water mix, string cheese
Post-swim breakfast: glass of chocolate milk, oatmeal with peanut butter, raisins and almonds
Lunch: Another "mexibowl" from leftovers w/ extra spinach, small glass of Dr. Pepper
Snack 1: Pear
Snack 2: Small cookie dough Blizzard
Dinner: Corn, smoked chicken, macaroni & cheese, 1 biscuit
Dessert: Small serving of homemade apple crisp

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