Saturday, February 21, 2009

Training Update

I just wrapped up my Saturday morning routine of taking Emma for a long walk, going for a long run, getting a latte from Main & Maple, and running errands. I am definitely a creature of habit, and I like having a weekday routine, as well as a weekend routine. I have really enjoyed running and working out Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings. Here is how my training has played out so far, for my running readers who may be interested:

Mon 2/9: 2 miles (19:40); arm workout
Tues 2/10: 2 miles (19:23); leg workout
Wed 2/11: 2.5 miles (24:00); arm workout
Thurs 2/12: Run 1.5 miles, bike 15 minutes; leg workout
Fri 2/13: Rest
Sat 2/14: 6.2 miles (1:05:00)
Sun 2/15: Rest
Total: 14.2 miles for the week

Mon 2/16: 3 miles (29:00); arm workout
Tues 2/17: 2 miles (18:50); leg workout
Wed 2/18: 2.5 miles (24:00); arm workout
Thurs 2/19: Run 1.5 miles, elliptical machine for 15 minutes; leg workout
Fri 2/20: Rest
Sat 2/21: 4 miles (40:00)
Total: 13 miles

I was supposed to do 6 miles this morning, but I cut it short at 4. I was really overdressed and got overheated early on, which ruined me for the rest of the run. When I took Emma for a walk this morning it was 30 degrees. When I left to go for my run 45 minutes later, it was almost 50 degrees! I was dressed for running in 30 degrees, which was way too much for 50 degrees. I thought about shedding some layers and continuing on, but my energy was sapped and I was able to quickly talk myself out of continuing on. I plan on running another 4 tomorrow to make up for it.

I'm really enjoying training for this half-marathon. It is not nearly as overwhelming as training for a marathon. I don't know if I will ever run a full marathon again. I would like to think that some day I will, but my desire to do one in the near future seems to wane more and more each day. I would like to continue competing in 5ks, 10ks, and half-marathons - focusing on speed more than distance - and incorporating sprint and Olympic distance triathlons into the mix.

Stay tuned for future (separate) posts on public nudity and the Lenten season.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Ruby Delatte

Our BFF's, Justin and Charis, brought a beautiful baby girl into the world on Saturday evening. Her name is Ruby Delatte, she weighed in at just over 8 pounds and according to all who have been in her company, she is perfect. Chad and I got to spend some time yesterday with them and I got some great pictures, but I want Charis to be able to post pictures first. That was her only request yesterday when I pulled out the camera - "Please don't put them on Facebook yet!" I promised her I wouldn't, especially because I am kind of over Facebook, but I figure her request probably encompasses blog territory as well.

Chad and I both got to hold her...and it kind of scares me how good Chad looks holding a baby! Justin, Charis and Ruby will be coming home from the hospital today and getting her settled in at home. I can't wait for her to meet "cousin" Emma!
Emma says... "Where that baby at?"

On a training front, I kicked off my half-marathon training plan with a nice and easy 2 mile run in 19:40, followed by a lower body workout. Glad to be back in the saddle again.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Revised Spring Race Schedule

After giving it some serious consideration, I have decided to not do a full marathon in April. After everything that has happened this month I would need to do too much too fast in order to get back on track for the Derby Festival Marathon. Instead I'm going to do the Derby Festival Half-Marathon. I've also decided to shelve the sprint triathlon that I was going to do in April, and hopefully complete one this August.

I searched around for a few half-marathon training plans and finally settled on one from the Runner's World Smart Coach training plan application. It is a pretty simple plan, but I am looking forward to incorporating swimming and cycling into my weekly workout schedule to help improve my endurance and to get some base training for the triathlon.

I ran 3.1 miles this morning and felt pretty good. I got a little dizzy around mile 3, but felt better after walking a few steps and then starting back. I am so excited that it is finally starting to warm up here in Central Kentucky. It is about 60 degrees today and the warm front is supposed to hold through the week. I've got my fingers crossed that it will hold through the next fews weeks and March, and April and May too...