Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Training Log
Distance: 3.29
Time: 30:22
Pace: 9:13 per mile

Another sub-30 degrees chilly run! I think that is pretty much how things will be for the next three months - except for when we are in Texas and Louisiana for Christmas!

I've been planning on doing the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon on April 24th, but now I am considering the Nashville Country Music Marathon. It is held on the same day, and I've heard it is a great race with lots of crowd support. I am thinking that since I am so familiar with the Derby 1/2 marathon course, it might be better to do a full marathon on a totally new and different course. I haven't registered for either one yet, but I will aim to make my decision by the end of the month.

Did anyone else watch President Obama's address to the nation last night? I couldn't believe those West Point students were sleeping! Sure, I was nodding off a little myself, but I was in my living room under a blanket with a sleeping dog on my lap. Who wouldn't get sleepy under those circumstances? But, I can't imagine that the people in the audience were nodding off. If I was in the same room as the President, for a televised address no less, I would make sure to keep my eyes open!

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