Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Run

Training Log
Distance: 10.0 miles
Time: 1:36:00
Average Pace: 9:36 per mile

Scheduled rest day

I'm feeling pretty good after yesterday's 10 mile run. I ended up running with Kelly for her last 10 miles, instead of her first 10 miles. She did awesome! We did the 10 mile run at a 9:36 average pace, which is a really great pace for a 20 mile run. Her marathon is just about 5 weeks away, and I know she is going to do really well.

Our run started out pretty interesting, as two Mormon guys joined up with us! They only ran with us for a couple of blocks, but I know we had to be quite a sight going down the street. One of them actually was a triathlete, and said he had run the 1/2 marathon at Disney a few years ago. I hope they didn't get blisters from the short run.

After the run, Kelly gave me a small glass of vanilla whey protein mixed with 1% milk. Oh my, it was heavenly! I am going to have to get some whey protein. I think it helped with my soreness today, too.

Things continue to be hectic around here as the semester winds down and we get ready to head home for Christmas. I can't wait to run in the warmth of Louisiana and Texas!

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