Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm of 2009

A huge ice and snow storm blew through Kentucky on Tuesday and Wednesday. Several of our friends and neighbors lost power, and some are still without. We lost power about 12:30am on Tuesday, but got it back sometime after midnight on Wednesday - we were very lucky. Our good friends Justin and Charis only live a few blocks away and had power throughout the storm, so they were very kind to take us and Emma in for the day and night. We lost several branches off the tree in our front yard, but do not have any damage to the house (knock on wood). Justin and Charis lost a large chunk of the tree in their front yard, but did not have any other damage (again, knock on wood).

The weight of the ice and snow on the trees is just incredible - most tree limbs are completely bent to the ground due to the weight of the ice. I am praying that branches won't start snapping and falling when things begin to melt. The meteorologists are predicting that the area will begin to thaw out on Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures get into the 30's and 40's - maybe even 50's on Sunday.

We are still without cable and internet at home, so I thought I'd put this post up while I have access at work. Here are some pictures:

Tree in our backyard

Emma's favorite way to pass time - chewing on a bone

Emma's 2nd favorite way to pass time - standing on the couch to look out the window

The public works crew who cleared the branches from Justin and Charis' yard and the street - they were on the scene much faster than we anticipated, which was a good thing because the branch fell across the entire street

The Passat, slowly being enveloped in its' own igloo

Chad and Charis, both proudly displaying their bellies. We were so glad Charis didn't go into labor during the storm! She is due any day.

There was a crazy amount of ice and snow accumulation on this shrub in just a few hours.

Tree in our side yard - some of the branches are touching the street!!

Fallen limbs

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jen said...

WOW. Those pictures are amazing! I hope everyone gets their power back soon and your friend stays pregnant until the conditions improve! :) Stay warm and safe!