Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I kicked off my marathon and sprint triathlon training this week. I am fortunate enough to get a great rate at Asbury College's workout facilities, aka "The Luce Center," since I work for Asbury Seminary. My workouts last week were great, and I am really looking forward to my second week of training.

Training summary for the week:
Mon: Rest day
Tues: 2.5 mile run in 24:04 minutes, arms & core weight workout
Wed: 3.5 mile run in 35:15, legs & core weight workout
Thurs: 15 minutes on stationary bike, 15 minute run, arms & core weight workout
Fri: Rest
Sat: 3.1 mile "long" run (should have been 6...see below)
Sun: Rest

I really would have liked to have gotten a 2 mile run in on Monday, but it was my first day back to work after two weeks off and I wanted to be at my desk bright and early. So I used Monday as a rest day and began training on Tuesday.

My training plan called for a 6 mile long run yesterday, but I was only able to get in 3.1. I met up with some friends in Wilmore for the run at 8:00am and we hit the road at 8:10am. At about 8:20am, a torrential down pour began. We were running a 5k loop, and my plan was to run it twice. I figured that I was soaking wet anyway, so another 30 minutes out in the rain couldn't be too bad. But it got a little colder and the rain came a little harder as I approached the 3.1 mile mark and I decided to throw in the towel. Not literally, because I would have really liked to have a towel at that point. If I would have had a change of clothes I would have gone to the gym and finished the run on a treadmill, but I was soaked to the bone with no clothes to change into. My shoes and socks were totally soaked as I ran the last half mile and I really began to worry about being sucked into a storm drain, getting "trench foot" and/or my most likely fate, getting bad blisters. Luckily none of the above occurred.

We called it quits at 3.1 miles and each headed home for warm showers. I had a 10 minute drive to get back to Nicholasville and I was absolutely freezing when I pulled into our driveway. But a hot shower and coffee with friends soon after helped to warm me back up. I know the weather in Kentucky in the winter can be very fickle, so I hope to not have to cut any more long runs short during my training due to weather. From now on I think I will come prepared to finish my run on a treadmill if necessary.

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. Chad and I both are trying to eat better and cut back on processed foods. I am really trying to curb my eating and eat only when I am truly hungry - not just because I am bored, tired, emotional, etc. I think that food holds a much greater place in society and culture to be simply viewed as "fuel" - but I find myself repeating the "food is fuel" mantra when staring down a plate of brownies, cookies, chips, you name it. It has really helped me this past week.

I weighed myself on Tuesday morning and would like to drop 10 pounds between now and marathon morning. I think this goal is definitely attainable, and I look forward to dropping some pounds, increasing my fitness and endurance levels, and transforming my body over the next 3.5 months.


amberly said...

I was sad I missed the first Saturday run, but after your report, I'm less sad... :-)

Weather weirdness notwithstanding, I'm looking forward to running together soon.

jen said...

Well done this week and I totally understand your bagging the last of that rainy run. The blisters and hypothermia are just not worth it!

I am right there with you on the weight loss, and I also tend to eat when bored and stuff. Good luck to both of us, it helps to know you're doing this too. :)

pinkcowgirl said...

Sounds like you're on track!!!! Good luck!! :)

Megan said...

Well, I have to admit I can't relate to your weather situation, it's about 89 degrees here and I haven't seen a cloud in weeks! Haha, but I guess I'll just enjoy that while I can! Running in Houston is going to be a brutal transition. But good luck with all of your training! Mom told me the Landreth's just didn't cut it, haha. My Under Armour shoes sure look nice, but my feet were killing me after last Saturday's 5k. I think I just need to break them in more though.