Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Three words...Girl Scout Cookies.

Tis the season! I carted six boxes home from work today. My sister and I were Girl Scouts, briefly. We mainly joined for the cookies and the summer trip to the Frio River in central Texas. I've always thought that the cookies had so much appeal because they are only available during a certain time of the year. Everyone knows that they will be accosted by young girls peddling cookies in front of the grocery store come early Spring. However, I was sad to see generic brand "Thin Mints" and "Peanut Butter Patties" at Kroger the other day. Come on...stealing from the Girl Scouts? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Click here to see what the other man in my life (Andy Rooney) thinks of these cookies.

Also: click here to see lil Emma as a shining star on the KET Paw Pals website (she's the one next to Pancho.)


chad said...

other man.......?

at the village gate said...

between the six of us we've gone through 4 boxes... and by six i mean 2 boys devouring most and elise and i snatching a trefoil here and there.

Megan said...

To the left or right of Pancho? And what are these Kroger cookies you speak of?!