Sunday, February 18, 2007

Three Part Post: Part 3

(3) Sunday
So we were so excited about trying out a new church this morning. To make a long story short, we have decided to start looking for a church in Nicholasville. We were planning on walking to church this morning, but we got a late start so we decided to drive. As we pulled up to the church, we didn't see a soul. The parking lots were empty and covered with snow. We can only assume that is was cancelled due to the weather - but there was no sign on the door or anyone there to say "hey, we're glad you came to our church this morning, but we're sorry that our services have been cancelled." So, we decided to try another church in the area. As we pulled into the parking lot of church #2, we read on the marquee that the service was at 10:30am. At this point it was about 10:50am, but we figured we could slip in the back without causing too much of a disturbance. As we walked into the foyer and went to open the door to the sanctuary, we realized that we would be walking into the front of the sanctuary...30 minutes late. For the life of us, we could not figure out how to get to the back of the sanctuary. We decided that we weren't ready to make a spectacle of ourselves on our first visit, so we headed back to the car.

By now, it was 11:00am and we realized that we were probably too late to make any services. So, we headed to Starbucks and discussed the state of the church over cappuccinos and macchiatos. We were pretty shocked at how non-visitor accessible these two churches were. Chad and I spent about an hour talking about what church meant to us, and what we were looking for. He also was very sweet and bought me a Starbucks Valentine's Day mug that was on clearance - such a great mug for only $4.99. I drink everything out of mugs - water, milk, orange juice, iced tea, Powerade - so I'm always on the lookout for a good mug.

After coffee, we headed to Wilmore to have lunch with our friends. There are three married couples whose husbands are first-year Asbury students that Chad met during his orientation at Asbury. We love these couples and they have become some great friends. We all got together for a delicious lunch of chicken spaghetti. Then we had conversation over bumbleberry pie and coffee for about four hours - the wives in the kitchen talking about everything under the sun, and the guys in the living room talking about Lord knows what. I loved every minute of this weekend.


Gershom said...

interesting church experience, disturbing to think how many churches are like that.

Gershom said...

- chris broadwell

stre said...

"Lord knows what" is right...especially thanks to your husband-

Adam Caldwell said...

umm..we were talking about ridiculously deep intellectually theological things of course...what elso would we be discussing?