Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trash Days

I always hesitate to take Emma for walks on trash pick-up days. It never fails, there will be a wayward biscuit or fallen peanut butter cracker, and Emma will strike at it like she's a king Cobra. Once she has it, her jaws practically transform into steel traps. Emma is never aggressive with food at home, but once she's out on the streets she can get pretty fierce. Just yesterday, Emma snatched up a piece of a biscuit out of someones yard. On Monday, she found an unidentified piece of meat at a local elementary school. I try to pry it out of her mouth each time, but she always bites me. I think this surprises her as much as it surprises me, because she always looks up with a look of puppy horror on her face. I haven't yet figured out if it is because she's surprised that she bit me, or mad that I'm trying to take her food away.

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