Friday, December 7, 2007

Sweet Sigh of Relief

My crazy work week is finally over. Working for a public television station can be very taxing during pledge drives, but it can be a lot of fun. I've pretty much just been working and sleeping - I haven't worked out at all this week. It is kind of nice not being in training for something - but I miss the feeling of being in training. Over the next two weeks I am going to work on building up a small training base, and then I will begin training for my spring marathon on January 1st.

Chad and I are getting ready to have a passle of Jr. High and High School kids come over to the house for a few hours of Guitar Hero and junk food. I'm hoping to get to bed early...but I don't think that will happen. Tomorrow I am finally going to get a chance to watch the Hawaii Ironman that was broadcast last Saturday. Thank you Ryan and Amberly for TiVoing (is that a word?) it for me! I love watching the Ironman triathalon - it is always so inspiring and I usually end up a heap of tears by the end. If you haven't read the book Becoming an Ironman, I highly recommend it.

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