Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marathon Weekend

I am very proud of the race that I ran from miles 1-23 in the Louisville Marathon. At mile 23 I puked and then absolutely fell apart. I walked miles 23-25.5, but was able to run the last .7 miles. My chip time was 5:05:22. My goal was 4:30 - but I am not disappointed in my performance. I set a half marathon PR of 2:13 in the race. My goal for Spring 2008 is to run a half marathon in under 2:00 hours. I think I will attempt another full marathon in Fall 2008...and this time I will do it in 4:30!

I think many factors led to my demise towards the end of the race. For one, I don't think that I utilized my training as best as I possibly could have. I didn't do any speed work or tempo runs - and I was pretty burned out and fatigued about 5 weeks out from the marathon. I am going to use a Hal Higdon training plan for my spring half, and see how that works for me. If I see improvements, I'll stick with Hal for a full training plan as well. Secondly, I was really really dehydrated. I stopped sweating at mile 18, and I knew that was a bad sign. The race website promised water and Gatorade every two miles - but this was not the case. There were four 4 mile stretches with no aid stations. I was literally picking up half-drunk bottles of water off the course and drinking them. I also went off the course twice to find water fountains in the parks we were running through. It was humid and in the 70's towards the end of my race and I was just zapped. The Louisville Marathon is a very, very small race - and I don't think I will do it again because of the aid stations. They didn't serve Gatorade, but a Heed mix - the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. I don't want to rant - but in a post-Chicago world, I would think that race directors would make every effort to keep their runners hydrated. At mile 22 I overcompensated and drank a lot of Heed and water - and then it all came up at about mile 23.

I want to thank my wonderful husband and friends Dru and Amberly for coming out to support me on Sunday! It was an amazing sight to see you at mile 25! Amberly even ran with me for about mile. A special thanks to my family as well - I know yall were with me in spirit! And Megan, the next time I put myself through something like this - you better be with me!

Pictures from the weekend:

more pictures to come soon...


Wendy said...

Great job! Was this your 1st? I've used Hal Higdon for 2 marathons now and have really liked the plan. I ran a marathon this Sunday too (the 21st). I finished in just over 5 hrs. and am hoping my next one will be around 4:30 as well.

I've enjoyed reading about your training.

Ted said...

Way to go!!! There is no need to get riled up on your recent marathon. You should be so proud of yourself. Most importantly, you have set a benchmark. Every runner is different. The bloody truth is that there is no magic plan (I wish there was!)I am never into any of those fancy training stuff like fartlek, tempo, or speed work. In my opinion, I believe in harmony (more like mediation in motion!)For me, I just let the river flow and carry me to the finish line regardless of my speed. Great job and keep it up!

jen said...

Hi! Belated congratulations on finishing your first marathon!!

Sounds like you had a tough but exciting race- in other words, a typical first marathon! There's something so unknown about those final miles on your first try, and I think you handled it pretty darn well. You ran really strong for many, many miles and learned a lot during the difficult last few miles. It's amazing that you kept pushing forward and ran the final mile. Great job. For a first marathon, this shows that you're a great runner with a lot of guts! I can't wait to see how much you improve in the future.

I used Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan for a couple of marathons and had success with that. I definetely think tempo, speed, and hills will improve your strength and stamina, but should be used sparingly. More long runs and more overall mileage will get you really far.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be reading. Congrats again!! :)