Wednesday, October 10, 2007

24 Going on 60

When I created this blog I didn't factor in the issue of getting older each year. While my blog is titled 23 Going on 60, I am now officially 24 Going on 60! But don't worry, the URL will stay the same.

I've had a wonderful birthday week - starting off with a surprise party at my favorite place ever, El Potrillo Mexican Restaurant. There is nothing better than having cheese enchiladas and good friends in the same place.

I also want to give a birthday shout out to my twin sister Megan, who is also pretty much 24 going on 60.

More updates to come soon on marathon training and the dreaded taper.


Megan said...

The dreaded taper?! Thats the best part of the whole thing! Happy birthday to you as well. And I would have to say that I sometimes feel as if I am 24 going on 12, haha.

JohnDeere said...

happy birthday meredith!

Sarah said...

Hope the training is going well. Keep fighting the good fight!

Adam Caldwell said...

happy birthday...sorry I couldn't be there!!!