Friday, August 31, 2007

20 Miler

I am attempting my first 20 mile training run in the morning. I am really excited about it - I love running these really long distances. I enjoy 6, 8, 10, etc milers - but they are not nearly as fun as the 15+ mile runs. This is actually something that really surprised me in my training - I thought I would hate my really long runs. But, I've found that I enjoy them the most.

Maybe it's the feeling of excitement that I get when I go to bed before a long run, making sure that at least 2 alarms are set, carefully laying out my clothes and shoes, and double checking to see if I put my water bottles/powerade bottles in the freezer. I try to get started on these really long runs by 7:00am, so that means getting up at 5:45 to eat, get ready, drive to my location, drop off water bottles, make a bathroom stop, and get going at 7:00am. It is finally starting to cool down in Kentucky (it was in the 60's this morning!) so I have a feeling that tomorrow will be beautiful as I set out. I am running in Wilmore, KY - the most picturesque little town you've ever imagined. I planned a 9.99 mile route, and I will run it twice. I am very excited about this run because I will run past three of our friends houses (Dru and Adam have been very kind to offer me open use of their bathroom!) I'll first pass by Alan and Sarah's , then Ryan and Amberly's, and then Adam and Dru's - be on the lookout for me - I will probably be staggering past your house at some point tomorrow morning! But I know Chad and my parents worry about me running by myself out in Lexington or even in Nicholasville, so it will be nice to have the added safety factor in Wilmore. Plus, it is very, very hilly and I love running hills.

I'm going to be running on some of the routes that I did with the Nashville half-marathon training group last December-April. I hope the same group gets together again this year - I had such a blast running with a group, and it really helped me with my training. My goal after the Louisville Marathon in October is to rest a few weeks, and then get back into training mode for the Kentucky Derby Marathon in April 08.

My husband just called and asked if I wanted to get dinner at a New York Style deli in Lexington with some friends tonight - I'm sure I'll be able to do some good carbo loading (just keep me away from the cheesecake!)


Tom said...

Meredith, hope your 20 miler went well for you.

Temps are cooler here and what a difference it makes.

Let us know how the run went. Excited for you.

amberly said...

have i mentioned that i think you're amazing?

Anonymous said...

I think you are amazing, too! I am very proud of what you are doing. And yes, you have that right when you say we worry about you! Just goes with the territory! You are terrific!