Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be home. It's strange to think that our house in Kentucky has become our home - but it has over this past year. It was so great to see so many friends and family over the past few weeks, but it was really nice to get back to our friends here too.

On the training front, running is still going really well. I was able to get a lot of running in over the vacation - it was unbelievably nice to finish my sweltering runs in Alexandria by jumping in a pool. From Sunday-Thursday I spent about 4 hours each day on a raft in a pool. I cannot remember the last time I was able to relax that much. It really did wonders for me. And even when we got to Shreveport, Megan and I played in the hotel pool with my niece - it was so much fun playing with her, throwing her around and splashing each other. I went running with my sister on Saturday morning through some neighborhoods we were familiar with in Shreveport and I had such a great time. I also got to break in my new running shoes (thanks Mom!). I've been so relaxed since we got home Tuesday night - I think being with my sister and cousins on Friday and all day Saturday did wonders for my soul - we laughed all day long.
I've got my biggest run yet coming up this Saturday - 17 miles. I did 10 yesterday, and I am going to do 8 this evening - and then do some smaller runs through the week to prepare for the big 1-7.

Some more pictures from the wedding festivities:


Tom said...

Hi Meredith. Nice to read your posts again. Glad you're "home" and settling in. Beautiful wedding pics. That's got to be a Catholic Church. We'll be thinking about you for your 17 miler on Saturday. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have!!And I just love your way with words!MOM