Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The 20-miler went well. I am still alive, so that is a good sign. I had a really good time running in Wilmore, but oh my goodness was it hilly. It was neat getting to run past and see my friend waving at from the window of a coffee shop, and to stop at another friend's house for a much needed pit stop and bathroom break - there was even an encouraging sign waiting for me! (Don't worry Dru, the one man cheerleading squad wasn't awkward at all!)

I think I was pretty well prepared with fluids and PowerBars, but it was a pretty tough run. I am already looking forward to my next long, long run - a 22 miler on September 15th. I will do one more 20 mile run on either September 29th or October 6th - I need to do some research to see if it is ok to only taper off for two weeks instead of three. I have events at work practically every weekend in September, but I am determined to fit all of my long runs in this weekend. This weekend I will be donning a Clifford the Big Red Dog costume at a local art museum...I will be sure to post pictures.

On another note, Chad started back for his second year at Asbury Seminary yesterday. He has been very antsy this past month for school to start up, so I know he's excited to get rolling again. I wanted to take a "first day of school" picture of him, but he wouldn't let me, so you'll just have to trust me that he looked very cute.


Amy said...

Great job on 20 miles! Can't wait to see the pictures of you as Clifford.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! I wish we could see a pix of Chad!! Before and after would be great. Do you remember those?? MOM

Tom said...

Hi Meredith.

So excited for your completion of your 20 miler. Every time we run one of those it's an accomplishment.

I actually visited the Asbury Seminary link and found it very interesting. Ministry is so important and I admire those who train for and commit their lives to it.

Keep up your great work!

lifestudent said...

I have a 20-miler next week, then I taper for Chicago. I dont know if I "love" the distance, but I do enjoy them. I think they feel almost social to me - its almost like you are just hanging out, but your legs keep moving the whole time :) Also, its not so bad running past some of Chicagos major landmarks ... the Hancock, Navy Pier, Soldier Field...etc. So I get what you are saying!