Friday, August 24, 2007


I have to say that I think I've sunk to new lows in my entertainment standards. Last night I watched Disney's High School Musical 2. It was horribly cheesy and stupid, yet oddly captivating. Chad was out of town - so I was free to dance around the living room shamelessly with Emma during the musical numbers.

From USA Today:
"Disney nation.
The premiere of High School Musical 2 shattered records for biggest cable telecast as the sequel scored 17.2 million viewers for Disney Channel Friday, more than double the first movie in January 2006 (7.8 million). Though a huge magnet for kids, a third of the audience was adults 18 and older. Afterward, a preview of cartoon Phineas & Ferb averaged 10.8 million, and Hannah Montana had a series-record 10.7 million. HSM2 repeats scored Saturday (8.4 million) and Sunday (7.5 million)."

Well, it looks like I'm not alone in my overage viewing of the high school sing along.

Emma, trying to hide from me after our first attempt at dancing a "reverse turn."


Amy said...

While I am lucky enough to escape the claws of the show so far, but my kids have continued to sing the tunes. At work this week, there was many a mom who broke out in spontaneous chorus. Many were just like you - they liked it!

Megan said...

Hmmm a new low indeed...although that Zac Efron is quite the dreamboat.

Anonymous said...

Mer, You share your love with Michelle. She watches when Brit won't!!

Hmmmmm, based on that pix of Emma's father, I can say, we are lucky she is so cute!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom for sharing my secret. Actually my daughter tells people that I am obsessed with HSM2.

So what if I have my ringtone on my cellphone downloaded to "I don't dance". I like the song.

Ok, maybe I need to go to HSM2 counseling...