Thursday, June 21, 2007


This has been a wild week. Athan is back in the hospital - you can continue to check his progress at his website: On Tuesday morning I got a call from my cousin Emily that one of my other cousins was missing - he is 13 years old and was missing for a day in a state park in Arkansas. Luckily, he was found unharmed. Here's a link to the story:

Then...this morning I get ready to go to work and the alarm system on my car goes haywire. Since the alarm was activated, my engine locked. The "doot doot" as Chad calls it, would not de-active the alarm. My wonderful husband drove me to work, and then spent most of the afternoon wrestling with new "doot doot" batteries, the steering column and the dash before breaking down and calling a tow truck. Once at the dealership, they were able to disable the alarm. I'll pick Monty (what I lovingly call my Montero Sport) up sometime tomorrow, and hopefully he'll be good as new. I do fear for Monty's future - the air is out, the horn is out, and the people at the dealership warned me that a bunch of other things are about to start going out. I think he's still got a few good years left in him, and I want to drive him until the wheels fall off.

Also, here is another pictures from my trip to Boston for the Team Approach User Forum...a software conference.

Thats me (second from left) with a few people from our direct mail company, and other PBS member stations, standing on the Freedom Trail.

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Michelle said...

Did you see the news reel of Genie when she was reunited with Spencer? Let me know if you haven't seen it. I'll send you the link! I wrote a thank you note to the guy who found Spencer. If you want his information- let me know.

I'll pray for Monty. The Silver Bullet (my Dodge Intrepid) is suffering as well. Pray for her!

Love ya.