Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kitchen Confidential

My head is pounding from too much exposure to reality cooking shows. I love them all - the gourmet, haute cuisine hopefuls on Top Chef, the goofy Next Food Network Star players, and the downright incompetent Hell's Kitchen competitors.

Chad and I start the week of right with a viewing of the Next Food Network Star on Sunday nights. This show is pretty entertaining, even Food Network uber-critic Anthony Bourdain seems to enjoy it. I'm putting my money on Rory and Adrien in the final two.

If you happen to stop by our house on Monday evenings around 9:00 and hear someone screaming obscenities, then you know that we are likely watching Hell's Kitchen. After watching Little People, Big World on TLC earlier on Monday evenings, moving to the Fox reality show seems downright sordid. It's almost like watching a car accident - it is so horrible and painful to watch, but I just can't tear my eyes away from it. I also believe that the spinach risotto they prepare as appetizers should have the name "Ecto" somewhere in the description - the stuff is practically neon!

Onto the best of the three - Top Chef on Wednesday's. I really enjoyed the first two seasons, and I really like the third season so far. This show is both interesting and entertaining - something I really like about the shows on Bravo. While none of them are educational and all of them are guilty pleasures, Bravo knows how to make good tv with Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and premiering tomorrow...Hey Paula! - a reality show about Paula Abdul's life.

I have to admit that my enthusiasm for Hell's Kitchen is starting to wane, I passed up last night's episode to read my new issue of Reader's Digest.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you were right about me clicking on the wrong thing!! Goofy me!

I love your writing! It is clever and entertaining - and so are you! You will be glad to know I have nixed the princess idea. Don't tell!

I am always looking forward to your next blog! LUL MOM

Michelle said...

What gives???? What princess idea???


Looking forward to your blog as well.

When are you going to write about us. I have never seen you mention anything about us? (You can put a picture of BV on here if you want (just no last names!!)

Megan said...

I believe it is the green pea risotto you speak of. You may be jumping ship but my sweet love for Chef Ramsey will never die..my love for that little hare-lipped Eddie will never die, either. You and Chad should check out the "Live From Abbey Road" on the Sundance Channel - the first one was John Mayer and Norah Jones (amazing!) and it comes on every Thursday night. Google it.

Meredith said...


We don't get Sundance. Do they stream it online? That does sound really good with sweet Norah and John.

As for Hell's Kitchen, my favorite person was Aaron. In something I read on E! Online they referred to him as a quivering Jello mold of a man. I'm not giving up yet, I'll give it a few more views.

Eric said...

I liked the other seasons of Hell's Kitchen but can't seem to get into this year. Seems a little staged to me for some reason. Anyway...

I can't run the 5K tomorrow, I totally forgot about it until this week and I promised Elijah I would take him to see Bibleman tomorrow. AHHHH, what was I thinking.

I think I am going to try to run a 5k in Danville on July 21st (I think that is the date) and you and Chad should come with me. That would be awesome to go with some people. I am solo right now. Enough taking your blog space. Later!

Megan said...

I do believe they stream it online. It is also on iTunes. I couldn't find the Sundance Channel, so I just watch it through "On Demand". As far as Aaron goes, I can only quote Frangela from VH1's Best Week Ever - "I don't pretend to understand Asian Cowboy culture".

Michelle said...

Megan watches too much of "Best Week Ever"!!!!!

(sorry Megs) :) (It is funny though)