Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Days to the Race!

Six days to the River Cities Tri! I am getting really excited about our trip to Louisiana and the triathlon this weekend. I've been excited for months, but the fact that we are leaving this week finally makes it tangible. My training has been going well, and I'm glad that we've had some high temps lately. I'm hoping this will acclimate me a bit to the beastly Louisiana weather!

This week will be busy with wrapping things up at work and getting ready for the trip, so I am going to do a slight taper in my training. It will be interesting to see what state I am in after a 9 hour drive on Friday, 3 hour drive early Saturday morning and then a busy afternoon picking up our race packets, having dinner and checking out the race site. I hope I am able to get some sleep on Friday night - we are stopping for the night just outside of Jackson, MS and Emma sometimes gets a little wild in hotels. So many new smells and sounds and sights for the little gal usually means that she wants to do everything but sleep when its lights out!

We'll arrive in Alexandria after a short drive (3 hours or so) Saturday morning, and then at 1:00 I will head to Shreveport (2 hours north) to meet up with my family and get our race packets. Chad and I bought a cooler yesterday (how did we not have a cooler after all this time?) and I am looking forward to stocking it with road snacks like grapes, apples, pretzels, water, and trail mix. I'm a sucker for gas station snacks and drive-thru burgers, so I want to make sure I have healthier options at my finger tips during the drive.

I'm not bringing my computer with me, but I'm hoping to use Chad's to get a race report up early next week. I know I will probably be updating Twitter frequently though!

I am so excited about this race - even though it is just a sprint distance triathlon...which is really not much in the world of triathlon. But for years my sister Megan and I have been saying that our ultimate goal is to do the Hawaii Ironman together. While I don't know if that will ever happen (although we definitely plan on doing a 70.3 together in the next few years) this race we are doing together this weekend is a small step in the direction of our ultimate goal of doing an Ironman together. I love sharing this passion for run/bike/swim with my sister! It will be great to do this race with her, and our Aunt Genie, too! I am looking forward to posting pictures from the weekend here. My mom has already made a "twins tri harder" shirt!

Training Log 7/19-7/25

Monday 7/19

• Rest

Tuesday 7/20
• 42:00 run (AM)
• 1:09:05 ride (17.1 miles) (PM)

Wednesday 7/21
• Rest

Thursday 7/22
• 42:46 run

Friday 7/23
• 23:00 swim

Saturday 7/24
• 51:52 bike (14 miles)
• 1:05 run
• 30 swim

Sunday 7/25
• Rest


Katherine said...

Good Luck!

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ok ok... how'd it go?!?!

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