Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This week I have been getting back into the groove after having Spring Break last week. The seminary was closed Wednesday through Friday, so I got to enjoy a nice and relaxing five day weekend! It was so great. It didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely perfect during the break either - sunny and in the 70's/80's everyday. I spent a lot of time outside in the backyard with Emma and it was fabulous.

I was able to get some good swims and rides in last week, plus some later morning runs. I wanted to run some in the heat (a relative term) because I don't know what the weather will be like in Nashville on race day. I've trained through a cold winter and a pretty mild spring, so I'm hoping to get some warmer runs in over the next few weeks. I'm definitely tapering down, and I am enjoying the rest. In addition to my three weekday runs (ranging from 4-8 miles), I will do 12 miles this Saturday and 8 miles the next Saturday. The Saturday after that will be race day!

I've already compiled my packing list for the trip and have a manila folder of all my race registration info, our hotel info, Emma's kennel info, etc. This may seem OCD, but it really helps me mentally prepare for the trip and the race. I could not handle it if I had a lot of loose ends and paperwork everywhere. I need all of the papers in my folder to be organized by day, and then alphabetically. And I need my packing list to be ordered with sub-headings and then the items listed in the order of probable use. Now that's not very OCD is it? Oh well - it helps me tremendously!

Chad and I had a great Easter weekend. We spent Saturday night with friends in Wilmore enjoying smoked brisket (Chad smoked it for 15 hours-it was delicious!) and pulled pork, plus homeade cole slaw and other veggies. I contributed a bunny cake, which turned out better than I thought it would!
On Easter morning we went to church in Wilmore to see our little friends Morgan and Athan be baptized. It was a very special way to spend Easter Sunday!

On a disappointing note, I didn't get into the New York City marathon through the lottery. I didn't really expect to because it is so huge, but I was still holding onto some hope. The way the NYC marathon works is through a lottery - once you enter your name into the lottery you are guaranteed to get into the marathon within three years. You can luck out and get in the first year, or it might be the second year, or the third year. And once you get in, you have three years to use your race entry. Chad's dad got into the race two years ago, and his friend Mr. Doug got in three years ago. They planned to run NYC last year, but were unable to due to scheduling conflicts. Since they want to run the race together, they have to run it this year since this is Mr. Doug's last year with a valid lottery entry.

Last November, after watching the race coverage on NBC, Chad's family decided that we would all go to New York in November! As soon as the lottery opened, I put my name in. I was really hoping to be able to run the race with Chad's dad and Mr. Doug, but I think it might be just as fun to be a spectator. The NYC marathon is so huge that it seems like just being a spectator will be an experience in and of itself. Plus, I have never been to New York, so just being able to go to the City and see all of the sites will be amazing!


*K. Grace said...

Meredith Brooks - you made a bunny cake!! Fabulous. I'm getting excited for your marathon - had no idea quite the lengths you went to in organization. I have a new found respect...and concern for you. :) Sorry to hear about the NYC marathon - you have such a good attitude about it though. Its not very often you're a spectator so take advantage of that. Looking forward to the run with you this Saturday. :)

Megan said...

You should watch the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's friend (Nigerian or something) comes to run in the NYC marathon. I can only imagine you in the Kramer situation at the end. Too funny. As far as organization, you know I am the same way. However I prefer to subcategorize chronoligcally, rather than alphabetically.
You would have liked the Crossfit WOD today - it was "Griff":
800 meter run
400 meter run backwards
800 meter run
400 meter run backwards
Was interesting!

M. Brooks said...

That WOD does sound fun! I hope no one fell backwards, ha ha. I have seen that Seinfeld episode!! It was on TBS sometime last year.