Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Inspiration

I have two goals for this race.
1) To finish under 4:30
2) Have a Keith Urban sighting
...luckily, one is within the realm of possibility!

A few weeks ago, I decided that when the going gets tough at the race on Saturday, I want to be able to easily call to mind all of the great people in my life. So I took a business card and jotted down 18 names on the back. Distance running can be such a mental challenge, so it is very encouraging to know that I can look down at this small card and instantly see 18 reasons why I should keep going.

These 18 people (or groups of people) mean so much to me, and I am incredibly blessed to have them in my life. Here they are (in no particular order) each will be with me as I make my way to the finish line on Saturday morning!

Chad - the love of my life, my wonderful husband and friend

Emma - my heartbeat, my baby...oh and I guess she is a dog, too. Our 5 year old mini-dachshund who brings so much joy to my life.

Mom & Dad - my incredibly supportive parents who I can't wait to call once I cross the finish line.

Michelle & Brittany- my sister and niece who I am incredibly proud of - my sister has lost 60 pounds in one year! And Brittany is so funny and sweet - my little tween is growing up so fast.

Megan - my twin sister and best friend, and the one who started my marathon dreams when she ran the White Rock Marathon in 2005.

My extended family (my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) - I can't wait until we are back home and live closer to everyone again!

Mr. David & Mrs. Suzy - my amazingly supportive in-laws, can't wait to cheer on Mr. David as he runs New York this fall!

Payton & Jay - my hilarious and sassy sister-in-law and brother-in-law (Jay's not very sassy though)

Our Wilmore friends - our family away from family: Strebecks, Mostroms, Caldwells, Raborns, Harolds and Herons

Kelly Grace - my running partner and friend, a true inspiration to me

Lindsay, Sarah, Angela - my friends who are running the Derby Festival Marathon and mini-marathon on Saturday-I will definitely be thinking of them! Each of them are so inspiring in their own right, and I am excited to hear how their races go.

Elite/Pro/Inspirational Athletes like Matt Long, Kellie Smirnoff, Ryan Hall, Josh Cox, Deena Kastor, Meb Kefleghzi, Dean Karnazes, and Scott Jurek

Thank you all for your friendship, support and inspiration - I am so glad you are with me on this journey!


Megan said...

Good luck!! You will do great! Your training will pay off and just think, one foot in front of the other and it will be over soon.

R.S. said...
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amberly said...

love you, too, Mer. :)

Megan said...

Did someone make a lewd comment?

M. Brooks said...

Ha! No Megan, no lewd comments. Just a duplicate comment.

*K. Grace said...

I could make a lewd comment if that would be helpful?! :)

Soooooo proud of Meredith! Looking forward to pasta at your place to get more of the crazy details.

Angela said...

Loved hearing your story of the marathon in person....looking forward to the blogpost for even more details!

So proud of you and thankful for you!