Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nashville Packing List

Here is my first post on race preparation this week - my extensive packing list! It really helps to ease my mind when I have everything written down and planned out. I also have a personal itinerary (I'm not making Chad stick to it!) for Friday and Saturday (will probably post it next!) just to make sure that I don't forget to do anything in the excitement of all the pre-race activities. My main goal for Friday is to relax , rest, and eat and hydrate well. It will only take 3 or so hours to get to Nashville, and Chad and I hope to be there by 12:00pm. I hope to be asleep by 8:00pm!

I've already started my "carbo-loading" for the week - each night this week I am eating a serving of whole wheat linguine with marinara sauce and sauteed squash, zucchini and spinach - it is super filling and delicious!

Now onto the packing list...

Emma’s Kennel Items

q Doggie information card

q Copy of recent shots and vaccinations

q SBL tote bag (with name tag attached)

§ Blanket

§ Food container & scoop

§ 1 toy (monkey)


q Race confirmation paperwork

q Hotel confirmation paperwork

q Snacks





§Trail mix


§ Gatorade

q Breakfast (Saturday)

§ Oatmeal (2 packs)

§ 1 banana

§ Peanut butter

q Utensils

§ Disposable bowl

§ Disposable spoon

§ Disposable knife

§ 1/3 measuring cup

q ShotBlocks (8 in saran wrap + xtras)

q iPod

q Laptop

q Cell phone charger

q Camera

q Foam roller

q Bathing suit/swim cap/goggles

q Pillow

q Wal Mart bags

Race day clothes:

q Sporthill blue shorts

q Back-up shorts

q Socks (salmon Brooks = race day socks)

q T-shirts

q Yellow LIVESTRONG shirt

q Throw away long sleeve shirt

q Disposable pancho

q White Nike hat

q Flying Pig hat

q Nike Lunarglides

q Nike sports bra

Misc. clothes:

q Black capri pants

q T-shirts

q Socks

q Flip flops

q Gray New Balance shoes

q Jeans

Bathroom items:

q Body wash

q Shampoo

q Toothbrush and toothpaste

q Contact solution

q Extra contacts

q Face wash

q Q-tips

q Glasses

Post-race bag:

q Flip flops

q T-shirt

q Light jacket

q Shorts/pants

q Cell phone

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