Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Made It!

I'd like to say a huge, huge, huge thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising efforts for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. With everyones help, I reached my goal - and I am actually $1.20 over my goal! A special thank you to my mom & dad who helped push me over the $500 mark with a second donation! Every dollar makes a difference, and I appreciate everyone's generosity.

This is going to be a big weekend! My sister Megan is doing The Pelican Challenge at the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon this weekend in Seabrook, TX. The Pelican Challenge consists of running a half marathon on Saturday, and then running another half marathon on Sunday. I know Megan and all of the Bay Area Crossfit folks will do awesome! Go Megan!

I've put in some easy miles this week in preparation for my big run tomorrow - 22 miles! Here is my training log for the week:

Monday: 3.37 miles/30:35/9:07 average pace

Tuesday AM: 4.36 miles/39:46/9:07 average pace
Tuesday PM: 11.6 mile ride/50:45/15.1 average mph

Wednesday: 5.06 miles/45:42/9:01 average pace

Thursday: 4.34 miles/39:19/9:03 average pace

Friday: rest

On Tuesday evening, I went on my first road ride of the spring! It felt so great to get back on the road, and I can tell that my hours on the trainer this winter helped to keep my in good cycling shape. I rode with my friends Cody and Chris, and Chris rode his wife's recumbent bike! It was pretty hilarious - you do not want to be on a recumbent bike when you are dealing with some of the hills around here!

Last night, we got together with our friends in Wilmore for a delicious home-cooked spaghetti meal to welcome our friends Adam and Dru and their son Israel back to town for a few days. They moved to Missouri this past summer, and it was so great to see them last night.

Tonight Chad and I are laying low (he is sick - poor thing!) and watching Miracle. I've been trying to be careful with what I've been eating this week, and I've kept a very detailed food log in a Google Docs spreadsheet. I feel rested and relaxed, and I am ready to hit the road in the morning! I will be running in Wilmore, so my plan is to run 6 on my own, meet up with friends for the next 10, and then finish with 6 more on my own. It will be great to mentally break the run up into three segments!

It's 8:30 now...I better get ready for bed!


Rob said...

We totally rented 'Miracle' this past weekend to watch. David Guion was visiting us. RANDOM!!

Also, spring officially starts tomorrow (the 20th); So you haven't road biked in the spring yet. So there. Get depressed.

M. Brooks said...

Thanks, Debbie Downer! I need to get my lunar calendar straight.

I think we were both inspired to rent Miracle because of the recent USA/Canada game at the Olympics! Did you watch the NBC segment on the 1980 hockey team? I love that movie..."again!"