Thursday, March 4, 2010


First, I'd like to thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for my grandmother Mimi. She went in for a second opinion on Monday morning and received a much better diagnosis. She still has to under-go some tests and procedures, but her prognosis is much better. Thank you again for your prayers - they were definitely answered!

Now for a LIVESTRONG fundraising update! I'd love to reach my goal of raising $500 by the end of this month - March 24th to be exact. This will be one month before the Country Music Marathon on April 24th. I've raised $275 so far, so I have only $225 to go. To spice up the fundraising a little but, I'd like to do a giveaway contest here on the blog!

Here are the details: for every $5 you donate, you get one entry for the giveaway.
So, $5 = 1 entry, $10 = 2 entries, $15 = 3 entries, but $20 will earn you 5 entries!

The giveaway package will include:
  • Nike LIVESTRONG low-cut dri-fit socks (2 pairs)
  • Nike LIVESTRONG stretchy headbands (set of 6)
  • Nike LIVESTRONG yellow bracelets
  • $20 Starbucks gift card
  • $50 Omaha Steaks gift card
The package is worth over $100 in retail value, and it could be yours for only $5! The package may seem like a random assortment, but I tried to create something that all of my readers would enjoy. I know I have readers that run, readers that don't run, readers that like coffee, readers that may enjoy a nice steak package, and so on and so it is kind of a grab bag!

To make your donation, please visit

The contest will run for one week - from Friday March 5th through Friday March 12th. On Friday I will tally the entries, put them in a hat, and pick a lucky winner! The winner will be notified and announced on the 12th.

Its going to be wild around here over the next few days. I have an 18 mile run tomorrow morning, and then Chad and Emma will be bachelors for the weekend as I am heading to Virginia on Saturday with three friends to visit our friends Rob, Kat and Harper!

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