Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Post (on Tuesday)

Well, I wrote most of this post on Sunday, but never hit "publish post." So, here it is on Tuesday!

This weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. Saturday morning started out with a very cold long run in 20 degree temps. I had 15 miles scheduled, but do to my lack of mileage during the week, I decided to stop at 10. Saturday afternoon I ventured out to the mall and to Target to get Chad's Valentine's Day present (...nothing like waiting till the last minute!)

We don't do much for Valentine's day, so I was trying to find something that would be small yet meaningful for Chad. I thought that a new fitted Saints hat would be perfect - a simple black hat with a gold fleur di leis from Lids. As you can imagine, Saints hat really isn't that prevalent up here, but I figured that with their recent Super Bowl win it would be reasonably easy to find a hat. Let me tell you there is not a stitch of Saints gear to be found in the Lexington area. I checked every possible store in the mall, including two Lids, and called other sporting goods places. Nothing! Oh well - it was on to plan B, a Williams-Sonoma gift card. He loves that place! Whenever we are looking for something to do, he asks if we want to go to the mall just to walk around Williams-Sonoma. But I am still thinking about ordering a Saints hat for him from Lids! We need to represent up here.

Chad took me to lunch and got me some beautiful flowers and a very sweet card, and Emma got me Twizzlers! It was a very nice and relaxing Valentine's Day.

Here is a wrap-up of my workouts for the week:

Monday 2/8/10
Scheduled rest day

Tuesday 2/9/10
45:00 on the trainer
Notes: big snowstorm

Wednesday 2/10/10
Notes: in a funk from another big snowstorm, couldn't run on the roads and didn't feel like riding (...right after I said there can be no excuses with the trainer in my last post!)

Thursday 2/11/10
40:00 on the trainer

Friday 2/12/10
Distance: 4.02 miles
Time: 36:41
Average Pace: 9:07

Saturday 2/13/10
Distance: 10.16 miles
Time: 1:39:00
Average Pace: 9:44

Sunday 2/14/10
Distance: 5.1 miles
Time: 45:23
Average Pace: 8:53

We have had snow for the past two days, and more snow is predicted this week. This feels like the longest winter! But, I know in just a few weeks, well maybe 6-8 weeks, it will start to feel like spring. I am ready for Old Man Winter to get his crazy old ass outta here!

Since today is Fat Tuesday, Chad and I are going to Taco Bell at 9:30pm with some friends. This is pretty wild and crazy for me, as I am normally snoozing by 9:30! I haven't eaten dinner yet in anticipation of Taco Bell, but I did have some cereal for a snack around 6:00 so that I'm not eating a ton of food at 9:30! That's what Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is all about - indulging in rich, fatty foods before the season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. It should be interesting to see how my six mile run goes in the morning!

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