Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Pictures

Not too much going on this week! I think Chad and I are starting to find the rhythm of the new semester. It is kind of nice to have a quiet week, as March, April and May will be pretty busy months.

I went back to the dentist on Tuesday for my two fillings, so I'm glad that is out of the way! I always expect the worst at the dentist, but even the fillings were not that bad. I might have to go back, as I think one of the fillings may need to be filed down a little because it is affecting my bite. Or are you just supposed to get used to it? I'm not sure!

Here are some snowy pictures from the past few weeks, plus a few from the Super Bowl!

This was from one of our first "big" snows at the beginning of February

Emma loves playing outside, even in the snow!
Her green sweater has gotten a lot of use this month!

Emma, checking out the neighbor's yard.
And that big black streak on the tree? It was struck by lightning last spring!

My Saints brownies for the Super Bowl.
The squiggly things on the corners are supposed to be football laces,
but they looks more like hash marks!

Football inspired seven-layer dip, as suggested by my mom!


Rob said...

lovin the bean dip, and the brownies with pound symbols on them.

M. Brooks said...

And I know you love Emma too. Can't wait to see yall next weekend!!

Megan said...