Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Training Update

I apologize for the lack of training updates, but life and work has been crazy these past few weeks. We've been celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and graduations and wow have we been busy! But amongst it all, my training has held up pretty well.

My ideal week would include 3 swims, 4 runs and 3 bikes. For the past couple of weeks I've only been able to manage two workouts per sport per week, but I still feel like I am in a good place with my training. Here are some of my thoughts on each area.

  • I've developed a love/hate relationship with swimming.
  • I thought I was getting kind of ok at swimming, but no, I still pretty much suck!
  • I was convinced the Lame Duck tri swim distance was 400 yards, but no, it is 1000 yards!
  • The good news is that my swim workouts are no shorter than 1000 yards. They range from 1000-2000 yards.
  • I think I will be able to do 1000 yards of the crawl comfortably by early August...just in time for Lame Duck!
  • I've developed a love/hate relationship with biking.
  • But I love it more than I hate it.
  • Chad got me some great cycling gear for our 4 year wedding anniversary - gloves, 2nd water bottle holder, and a Yakima trunk mounted bike rack.
  • I went on my first 20+ ride last night - 25.25 miles in about 2 hours.
  • This was my first ride in my new Pearl Izumi gloves, and I later realized I had them on backwards.
  • Biking fatigues my legs unlike any thing else - I think it is the very hilly terrain of Jessamine County that gets me.
  • The country roads, creeks and rivers of Jessamine County are absolutely beautiful.
  • I've seen more of the county on my bike in the past 4 weeks than I have by car in the three years we have lived here.
  • I still have not gotten a brick workout in yet, but I'm hoping this Sunday will be the day!
  • Oh running, my original friend, you are not so easy to do after a week of biking and swimming.
  • I think my body and legs are still trying to adapt to three different muscle groups being worked each week.
  • I've realized that I need to put just as much effort into running as I do with biking and swimming.
  • I don't want to put off run workouts because I think to myself "oh, it's just 3 miles." I need to do the short runs, and I need to work on increasing my speed.
  • I am going to do a 5k with my father-in-law this Saturday morning - the Jessamine County "Skelter for the New Shelter 5k." This is a great local race that benefits the Humane Society. Last year I took 1st place in my AG with a time of 25:49. I'm really hoping to go sub 25 this weekend, but I will be ok with anything in the 25-27 range.


jen said...

LOL, awesome post. I agree with you on everything, especially the love/hate thing with swimming and biking. You're doing a great (GREAT) job- 2x a week for each thing is perfect.

My sprint tri is also longer than expected @ 800 yards. Boo!

Something I've been working on is forcing myself to enjoy the biking and not letting myself get stressed out. I'm pretty even-keeled when running but I'm all over the place on the bike. Make yourself focus and have fun, you truly are doing a good job!!

Megan said...

I posted a picture of the lifting shoes, unfortunately they are not Pee-Wee inspired. Although I have seen some that are!

Also I have been meaning to ask this for some time..why am I not on your "Must Read Blogs" list???

"My heart...it hurts"