Friday, January 4, 2008

New Gear for the New Year

Thanks to my great husband, wonderful parents and in-laws, and a very generous Santa - I was able to stock up on running gear for my marathon training. I have plenty of warm weather shorts and t-shirts to run in, but what I was really lacking was cold weather gear. It has been freezing in Kentucky the past few days (an average wind chill of 10 degrees...yikes!) and I needed some warm stuff to help me brave the roads on my Saturday morning long runs. (I do my weekday runs through the winter on a treadmill at a warm and toasty gym.) Without further ado, here is a list of some cold-weather running gear that I have really enjoyed, and highly recommend.

Brooks Burn Ped socks
These socks are great! A big step up from my now threadbare C9 Target socks.

Asics Thermopolis tights...they are very warm, and quite flattering if I do say so myself.

Brooks Pulse Light Gloves
These gloves are a really good base layer.

My parents bought me an Enduro Mini running watch. It is very easy to use and I've been able to log my long runs in the "stored runs" area.


New Balance Kaspian 1/2 Zip - this is going to be a great jacket for the Fall, Winter and Spring. It is lightweight, but very warm. The arms are cut a little longer and have loops in the sleeve to hook your thumb through. This is a great feature when you first start out and are freezing, and it is easy enough to roll up the sleeve slightly once you warm up. I feel like a real runner when I wear this!

To top it all off, I have a Dri-Fit wicking "beanie" from to keep body heat in.

  • A Runner's World subscription - my favorite is the gift that just keeps on giving!
  • Clif Shot gels and recovery drink packets
  • FuelBelt Sprint 10 oz Palm Holder
  • More Brooks running socks
  • Starbucks gift cards to warm up after early morning runs!


jen said...

Wow, great list! Cold weather gear is essential. It's not that cold here (or even close, BRRR!) but I don tights and long sleeve shirts in the winter. I have a few Under Armor things that I like.

Re: your comment on my blog, I am actually doing weight watchers. I thought it seemed kinda cheesy, but turns out "it's not your mom's weight watchers" (now, that is cheesy!). I'm doing the online tracking and so far I love it. I got a one week free trial but I'm definitely going to sign up for 3 months.

Good luck! We have a lot of the same goals so we can support each other. :)

Megan said...

Um hello...lest we not forget the Target gift card. I see how it is. Haha just kidding. And let me just state that a beanie is only permissable if has something to do with Lance I'll let this one slide. I'm starting my training plan tomorrow! I'm just reusing the one I did for White Rock.

Cassie said...

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