Thursday, April 5, 2007

Exciting Day

Chad and I are watching American Gladiators on ESPN Classic and it is amazing. My sister and I loved American Gladiators when we were growing up. One of our best friend's aunts actually was an American Gladiator ("Freeze" from Dallas) and we were stricken with awe every time we saw her. On Saturday morning, after watching the show, we would set up our own AG course in the living room. We would re-create each event, including "Assault", "Human Cannonball", "Snapback" and of course..."The Eliminator." We would use anything we could get our hands on to outfit the course: tennis balls, socks, couch cushions, etc. We had so much fun, and only broke a handful of bones.

I am also very excited because I got a bike today! Granted, it is a 90's splatter-painted Huffy Mt. Storm pre-teen bike, but hey - it was out on someone's curb and it was free! Chad is going to paint it for me, and then I'll hit the streets. Chad was laughing so hard when I showed it to him, and we both agreed that we think we had this same style of bike when we were in elementary school (Chad would like to clarify that his did not have splatter-paint.) While I would love to one day have a road bike, this little Huffy will have to do for now.

In a post on Pop Candy today, the "worst mix tape ever" is discussed. Limited to 5 tracks - what would your worst mix consist of?

Here's mine:
1. Truly, Madly, Deeply...Savage Garden
2. Liquid Dreams...O-Town
3. Follow Me...Uncle Kracker
4. Getting Jiggy With It...Will Smith
5. Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)...Looking Glass it or hate it, this is an interesting site. I especially love the celebrity sightings posts.


chad said...

2 things

1. Mine did have splatter paint. It was black and neon green.

2. I am pretty sure that every song on your 5 has been lip synced by a certain twin duo that I know VERY well.

R.S. said...

seriously meredith...was that cool of a bike actually "free" or did you have to beat up some little kid?

you have a real talent a this blogging thing!

See ya'll tomorrow--

ps-thanks for letting me use ya'lls garage!