Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Winter Blues

These bone-chilling Kentucky winter nights have me longing for the summer. We moved from Louisiana in late August, so we caught the tail end of a Kentucky summer. In honor of the upcoming season, I have compiled a Top Ten list (in no particular order) of things that I am looking forward to doing this summer.

10. Gardening

Well, I've cleared the last of my Fall plants over to the plant graveyard (don't ask) and I have grand visions for the Spring and Summer. I love to garden. I am horrible at it, but I still love it, nonetheless. We were able to get a few things planted this past fall, but I am really looking forward to the spring. I am envisioning overflowing hanging baskets of verbena, containers with lantana and hibiscus, and flower beds with healthy lilies and mexican heather, all arranged on the porch and in flower beds in a manner worthy of a Southern Living spread. Will this actually happen? Not likely - but a girl can dream. Our front porch seems so bare right now - I can't wait until we have our set of rocking chairs and plants to liven it up.

9. Summer Nights
One thing I love to do in the evenings is to take Emma on walks around the neighborhood. It is almost impossible to do now - by the time I get home from work it is dark and freezing. In the summer, it will be light outside until 7:00 or 8:00, and much much warmer. Now, I am only able to get her out for walks on Saturday and Sunday, but come Spring and Summer, lil Emma will be back in fighting shape with daily walks.
This will, hopefully, help her sleep through the night again (she's turned into quite the lil night owl).

Chad and I are going to try and uncaulk some of the windows in our house - even if we only get two open, we will be able to get such a great breeze going through the house. I can't wait to smell the summer nights drifting through our house.

8. Vacation in Tennessee
Perhaps one of the things that I am most excited about this summer is our family vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Chad's parents, his sister Payton and her husband Jay. We always have such a great time when we are together, and I know this vacation is going to be so fun. I'm already anticipating all the outlet malls we'll be able to hit - I've been told that the Pigeon Forge area is famous for it's outlet malls and fudge. I'm a big fan of both. I've heard that there is a Member's Only outlet - I told Chad that we need to get him a sweet windbreaker while we are there.

7. Casual Fridays
I am really excited about the idea that my casual Friday attire will soon include cropped pants and cute sandals.

6. Summer Road Races

In the Lexington/Louisville/Cincinnati area there is a 5k, 10k, or some other type of running road race almost every weekend. There is nothing I love more than running outside and working up a good sweat.

5. Farmer's Markets/Estate Sales

I love fresh fruit and vegetables - and it seems like farmer's markets and vegetable stands are all over central Kentucky in the summer. I am so amazed at how cheap these stands are! There is a great fruit and vegetable stand about a block from our house - I can't wait until it is back up and running. We are also excited about estate sales - hopefully we will find our aforementioned rocking chairs at a sale this summer.

4. Nicholasville's Pool/Water Park

The community pool seems pretty neat - but at $4 a pop - I don't think we will be frequenting the pool every weekend.

3. Dallas Trip

Another trip that I am really excited about is my journey south to Dallas for my twin sister's graduation from the University of Dallas. It will be so great to see my whole family and eat at Taco Bueno. We will also be celebrating my parent's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, so that is exciting.

2. 2nd Anniversary
Speaking of anniversaries...Chad and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary this May 28th! These past two years have flown by so quickly. I am so lucky to be married to such a great man!

1. A New Member of the Brooks' Family

...No, not a baby - a puppy! I really would like to get a second dog this Summer. I would love for Emma to have a little friend - maybe a lab puppy (like the cutie above from dailypuppy.com). This means that I have six months to beg/convince Chad that this is a good idea. He's the strong, sensible one in the family - but I think I can sway him.

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