Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I really enjoyed this past weekend. On Friday night, Chad and I were able to attend a lecture/discussion at Asbury Seminary where Steve Chalke and Brian McLaren were speaking about "The Emergent Landscape." It was pretty fascinating to hear these guys speak - I was glad that Chad and I were able to do that together. Also, I got to stop by Chad's home away from home this month - the Asbury Phone-A-Thon. I got to meet some of his bosses and co-workers, and hear them brag on him and his skills.

On Saturday, Chad and I went to a Foundations of Discipleship class/retreat at La Roca. Chad and I really love our church, and we are excited about taking the steps needed to getting more involved. When my parents came to visit us around Thanksgiving, we were able to take them to the Kingdom service at La Roca, which is only held every few months. There are three pretty distinct crowds at La Roca - the crowd from the traditional service, the crowd from the contemporary service, and the crowd from the Hispanic service. Kingdom services are an attempt to bring all three of these groups together to worship as one. My parents were pretty blown away by the experience - my dad was amazed at how many different people groups, age groups, and economic statuses were represented. My mom summed it up in a few words - "It was as if at any moment I could burst into tears and sob through the whole service." It is that powerful. That is how I feel every Sunday.

Last night, we went to the Communality house in Lexington to hear Brian McLaren and Steve Chalke speak once again. This was much more relaxed than the Friday night thing. I even got to talk with Steve a little. Did I ask him about his work with the poor or one of his fascinating books? Nope, I asked him about marathons. He's run six total, including the New York Marathon. I was able to get some good tips from the veteran runner. I also really enjoyed the discussion, and I feel priveleged to have been able to attend.

I was finally able to get outside (and off the treadmill) this past Saturday. It was a little tougher than I expected - I guess I've gotten spoiled with my warm, well-hydrated treadmill runs. It was a bit different getting out in 30 degree weather and facing the wind and hills. Tonight, Chad was telling me about a group of people in Wilmore who are running the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon in April. They get together for their long runs on Saturday mornings - I'm hoping I can join in the fun. When I get up to the 11, 12 mile runs - I have a feeling that I will be grateful for company. Ironically, the Derby Half Marathon that I am doing in Louisville in April is the same day as the Nashville one, so our training schedules should match up pretty well.

I have my dachshund pajama pants on, I'm cuddling with a real cute mini dachshund, I'm watching America's Funniest Home Videos, and the newest Reader's Digest arrived in the mail today. All is right with the world.

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