Saturday, June 5, 2010

Texas/Louisiana Trip (pt. 1)

Last Thursday, Chad and I headed south to Texas and Louisiana for a few days. It was a whirlwind trip, but we had a blast getting to see so many family members!

We flew into Houston on Thursday evening, and then on Friday morning my mom, my dad, my sister Megan, Chad and I drove to Shreveport. My sister Michelle and neice Brittany made the drive later that afternoon. We were headed to Shreveport to celebrate Chad's sister's graduation and to celebrate my Aunt Debbie's wedding. On Sunday, we headed over to Monroe to visit my dad's family - my aunt, cousin, uncle and grandma Mimi. Then on Monday we drove back to Houston, and went out to dinner at T-Bone Tom's in Kemah to celebrate Chad's birthday. On Tuesday morning we flew back to Kentucky. Whew! It was wild, but it was very fun and very, very nice to see our families.

Payton's graduation was pretty neat - she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, which is a big accomplishment. We are very proud of her! We were able to see Chad's parents, grandma, aunt and uncle, as well as Payton's husband Jay and his parents, sister, and grandma. We definitely took up a whole row of seating!

After the graduation, Chad and I headed straight to the church for Aunt Debbie's wedding. It was an incredibly touching afternoon. My sister Megan and I have been so close with our cousins Emily and Amy our entire lives. Their family has been through a lot over the years, and I know that we were all very happy to see Debbie so happy. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but when Amy started crying I just couldn't help it and the tears (of joy!) started flowing. I was so, so glad that we could be there to celebrate this moment with them. And meet our new Uncle Dick!

And now for some pictures from the trip!

Chad & dad at our lunch stop on Friday - Bodacious BBQ in Livingston, TX

Me, Emily & Megan at Posada's in Shreveport

Jason (Emily's husband), friend Josh, and Chad
(I think Josh looks like a character from Clue with that mustache!)

Getting ready for the wedding!
Emily, Aunt Debbie and Amy

My sisters and niece:
Michelle, Brittany, me, Megan

Funny family picture - Megan's face! And my dad's face!
Me, Chad, Megan, mom, dad, Brit, Michelle

The whole group at dinner after the wedding -
Debbie's family and Dick's family

Uncle Dick, Aunt Debbie, Megan

Me and Chad
(His beard looks huge here! People ask if he is Amish.)

Next up, part 2 - Monroe and Houston!

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