Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hectic Times

The end of the school year always brings crazy times for me at work. We are wrapping up one semester, beginning another semester, and preparing for/executing two commencement ceremonies. It is a stressful time (not because the work is not enjoyable or difficult necessarily, just because it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day!) but a really fun time as well. In my office (Registrar's Office) we get to work with people from the time they are a prospective student all the way through until they are an alumni, so commencement is always a special time for us. This year is especially bittersweet because Chad and I have so many dear friends graduating. I am so proud of each of them - it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to earn a 96-hour Master of Divinity degree or one of Asbury's MA degrees. This season is also giving me a glimpse into what our future will be like next year as we prepare to leave Kentucky and head home to Louisiana. We can't wait to get home, but it is going to be harder than I thought to leave our friends and the life that we have built for ourselves here in Kentucky.

I've been able to get in some really good workouts over the past couple of weeks. I'm sticking to my plan and loving it. I feel fatigued most nights, but in a good way. I am sleeping like a rock and wake up each morning at 4:30am feeling refreshed and ready to go. In the past I've woken up anywhere between 4:45am and 5:15am and sometimes struggled with consistency, but 4:30am must be the sweet spot for me. Most mornings I wake up before my alarms go off. I love that I am able to get in at least a 1 hour workout, a walk with Emma, and a semi-leisurely breakfast before I have to really start getting ready and be at work by 8:00am. And getting all of my workouts in really helps with my stress levels, too!

Workout Log
Mon 5/10:
AM: 45:00 "push-run"
-set of 10 squats every 10 minutes

Tues 5/11:
PM: 30 minute swim
-I like swimming in the evening about as much as I like running in the evening, but I wanted to get it done.

Wed 5/12:
AM: 1:03 run
-2k x 6 intervals w/ 2 min. rest in between
-Hoo nelly! These were tough, but fun!

Thurs 5/13:
AM: 40:00 push run
-set of 10 squats every 10 minutes

Fri 5/14:
Rest day

Sat 5/15:
-9.6 mile bike/37:04/16.3 avg mph
-1 hour run
-Planned to swim, but pool closed for cleaning

Sun 5/16:
-No bike due to rain
-40:47 nice and easy run

Swimming has been a comedy of errors (scheduling at the pool is not consistent, and differs daily from the monthly schedule they send out to members...argh!) and the weather hasn't cooperated with me too much lately on the bike. My running is going great, but I have to spend more time on the bike and more time in the pool. Once things settle down and I get into a routine for the summer I know it will be easier to have a more consistent swim and ride schedule. Right now I ride on Tuesday nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings. During the summer I get off at 12:30pm on Fridays (so great!) so I am thinking of adding in an early afternoon Friday ride.

Chad and I are going out of town next weekend (Memorial Day weekend) for my aunt's wedding, Chad's sister's Doctor of Physical Therapy graduation, and a visit to our family in Monroe. I can't wait! It will be so nice to be in Texas and Louisiana for a few days, and we will get to see everyone! My immediate and extended family, and Chad's immediate and extended family! I hope to take lots of pictures to post here. I am going to try to still get some good workouts in, but I mainly want to enjoy the time with family. We normally are only able to head south twice a year, so this will be a really fun "bonus" trip!

One more thing - I'm almost through reading "Born to Run" by Chris McDougal and it is incredibly interesting! I know it spawned the whole barefoot movement a few years ago, but I wonder why it didn't spawn a vegetarian movement amongst runners? I have been thinking about getting a pair of Nike Frees for awhile, and I think I am finally going to get them. My Lunarglides are at the end of their rope, and my sister has had success with her Frees, so I think now would be a good time to try them. I'll be sure to post a review!


Megan said...

McDougal! Just saw an interview with him on Real Sports. It was good. I like the Frees but they still really have a lot of material/support. My Brooks racing flats (although ugly as sin) are more minimalist than the Frees. However, you may not want to go from one extreme to the other so the Frees may be a good transition. Just be careful with stretching your calves/achilles - that is the only trouble I have had. I was really considering a pair of "Five Fingers" but they are pretty "d-bag", if you get me. Just can't do it! And yay for next weekend!

Megan said...

Also I was at the mall the other day and was suprised to see that both Champs and Finish Line had a huge selection of Frees - more than On the Run, Sports Authority or Academy.