Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gone to the dogs!

We had a wonderful time in Louisiana! The time went by way too quickly, but we were grateful for the opportunity to spend a week with our families. I'll have a few posts of pictures, and then I will post about my upcoming triathlon - it is in just 3 days...yikes!

One of the most entertaining aspects of our time at the Brooks' house was the amount of dogs that were at the house at any given time. The Brooks' have three dogs - Dana, Copper, and Murphy. Copper and Murphy are outside dogs, while Dana is an inside dog and truly the "queen bee" of the household.

We added Emma into the mix, my sister brought her Chihuaua named Pod, and Chad's sister Payton and her husband Jay brought their German Shepherd, Miles, to round out the total number of dogs present at any given time to six. It was so much fun! Dana, Emma and Pod were all roughly the same size, and anyone who came to the door was immediately greeted by a little troupe of excited small dogs. Here are some pictures!

Emma, relaxing in an "Emma cave"

Emma and Dana, struggling to sit still for the camera!

Me with Emma and Dana - Emma is so cute with that yawn!

Dana, sniffing on the patio

Murphy, the Brooks' sweet, aged Springer Spaniel. My sister remarked that he looks like a Supreme Court Justice - I think it is the bushy, gray eyebrows!

My niece Brittany with Dana and Emma

I didn't get any pictures of Miles or Pod, so I took these from Facebook:

Miles, with Payton

Pod, posing for the camera in L.A.

Not pictured: Copper - and he is one of the cutest of the bunch! I will have to get pictures of him at Christmas.

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