Friday, July 3, 2009

Life and Training Updates

Life Update:
Emma is getting her teeth cleaned today. We dropped her off at 8:00am this morning, and we will be able to pick her up around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. I have the day off of work, so I am spending the day preparing for her return. I am going to make a large pallet in the living room for us to sleep on tonight. The vet tech warned me that Emma should not do any jumping once she is home tonight, so I am going to bring our bed down to her level, rather than making her sleep alone on the floor after a kind of scary day.

Dachshunds have notorious tartar build up problems, so we wanted to get her teeth cleaned while she's still relatively young, so as to prevent future internal problems from the tartar. She will probably need to get another cleaning when she is 8 or so. They are also clipping her nails while she is knocked out, so that will be nice! She hates getting her nails clipped.

When Chad and I dropped her off at the vet this morning I did a lot better than I thought I would. When we had her spayed when she was one, I couldn't even make it through the check in process. I handed her over to Chad and went outside, sat on the curb, and cried. This morning I made it through the check in process and the consultation, reserving my tears for the car ride home. I know it is pretty ridiculous, but I just worry so much about her. I take great comfort in knowing that she isn't having major surgery or having any organs removed - she's just having a routine cleaning. This is why I'm not ready to have kids yet. I can just see it now - "what's that doctor? He needs to have his finger pricked?" as I fall to the floor in a heap of sobs. Nope, just not quite ready yet!

Training Update:
Triathlon training is FUN! I have had 3 weeks of really good training, and I am really enjoying each leg of the sport. The only thing I have been lagging in is my swimming, and the pool I use is going to be closed for the next two weeks, so that kind of sucks. But, we are going to Louisiana in two weeks for a week long vacation at Chad's parents house and I plan to swim in their pool every day. Here is my workout log for the past few weeks:

6/15 Mon: 2. 0 mile run in 19:47
6/16 Tues: 3.0 mile run in 28:38
6/17 Wed: 25 minute swim
6/18 Thurs: AM- 2.0 mile run in 18:57; PM- 22.2 mile ride in 1:39:06 (experienced my 1st flat!)
6/19 Fri: Rest
6/20 Sat: Brick - 7.12 mile run in 1:14:05; 650 yard swim in 15:55
6/21 Sun: Brick - 9.5 mile bike in 38:55; 2.0 mile run in 19:00 (2 minutes in transition)

6/22 Mon: Rest
6/23 Tues: Rest (overslept for a.m. run, too stormy for p.m. ride)
6/24 Wed: Rest (overslept for a.m. run)
6/25 Thurs: 2 mile run in 20:23
6/26 Fri: 12 mile ride in 47:21 with a 15.5 average mph
6/27 Sat: 5k road race in 26:12
6/28 Sun: Brick - 9.5 mile bike in 37:33; 2 mile run in 19:00 (1.5 minutes in transition)

6/29 Mon: 900 yd swim in 21:00
6/30 Tues: AM- 3.0 mile run in 30:02; PM- 16.5 mile ride in 1:05:29
7/1 Wed: Rest
7/2 Thurs: 26 mile ride in 1:5o:37
7/3 Fri: Rest
7/4 Sat: 10k road race (time TBD)
7/5 Sun: Brick - 12 mile bike, 4 mile run (times TBD)

I feel like I still have a lot of work to do in each area, but for my first tri in August my goal is just to finish and have fun. I've really enjoyed my brick workouts, and I feel like they really give me an idea of how race day might go. Two things I really would like to work on are increasing my average miles per hour on my rides, and improving on my running times.

I ran the RJ Corman 5k in Wilmore last Saturday in 26:12, which was good enough for me to take 1st place in the women's 24-29 age group. While I would have like to have finished in 25:30 or so, I was happy with the 26:12 time because it was HOT. My favorite part of this race is that they have iced down watermelon at the finish line. I practically dunked my head in the big ice bucket. That watermelon was so good. I didn't think I would place, so I was happy to learn that I had taken 1st place in my age group. Like I've said before, it's all about the size of the field folks!

Tomorrow morning I am running the Bluegrass 10k. I ran this race year before last, and I remember it as a fast, flat course. There are normally about 3,000 or so participants, so that will be fun to participate in a larger race. Readers who have been with me for awhile may remember that I was verbally assaulted by a homeless woman the last time I ran this race!

Well, I am going to get back to preparing the house for an afternoon with one groggy miniature dachshund.


Katherine said...

Good Luck tomorrow (no lawnmower-brigade for you)! We missed you this morning.

jen said...

Wow, awesome tri training! You're very strong on the bike. I'm impressed!! It's nice that you got your first flat out of the way too.

Great job on the 5k and good luck on the 10k. Have a great 4th of July weekend! :)

Megan said...

Hey! Way to go with the training. I'll attempt to do some/all of your workouts with you in LA. Unfortuntately no CF gyms there. But I have a couple of pretty good WODs we can do in the backyard/driveway/wherever if you (or anyone) want to give it a shot!

Sarah said...

Good job on the race in Wilmore and I hope the 10k went well. We miss you guys!

bb said...

Congrats on the AG win!