Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meredith takes to the Streets!

Week 1 of my 14-week triathlon training program is off to a good start.

Last night I did my first serious 12 mile training ride - out on real roads, with real cars and real hills. I have been "riding" my bike once a week for the past month or so, but I quickly realized on the ride last night that I know nothing about cycling. Lucky for me, one of our friends, Cody, is a very good cyclist and he has taken me under his wing. He's been cycling seriously for about 5 years, and he is a wealth of information. After a one hour ride last night, I am much more comfortable with my clipless pedals and I'm even starting to understand the why, what and when of gear changing.

Before the ride last night, I was terrified to change gears because I was convinced I would throw the chain. But Cody explained that not changing gears really isn't option - so I started changing gears, and then I kind of got the hang of it. We rode in a few trafficky areas, but Cody taught me the etiquettes of riding on the road and which hand signals to use. I had to leave the signaling up to him, as my hands were clutching the handlebars for dear life most of the time. But overall, my confidence was boosted. I feel like knowing what I am doing on the bike will make me a better rider, and more importantly, a safer rider!

This morning I swam 1000 yards. This is the furthest I have ever swam - on purpose at least. It took me 25 minutes and 13 seconds, but I have no idea if that is a decent time for swimming 1000 yards. I was worried about losing track of my laps, so I set 20 pennies on a kickboard at the end of my lane, next to my water bottle. After every down and back (50 yards) I moved one penny to the right. After going down and back 20 times, I was done! I alternated every 50 yards between the crawl and the breast stroke. As I get stronger in the crawl, I will try to alternate between 100 yards crawl, 50 yards breast stroke, 100 yards crawl, etc. Eventually, I will be able to do 1000 yards crawl.

My workouts so far this week:
Tuesday am: Run 2 miles (19:05 min)
Tuesday pm: Ride 12 miles (roughly 60 minutes...definitley want to get faster on the bike!)
Wednesday am: 1000 yard swim (25:13)

And my scheduled workouts for the rest of the week:
Thursday am: 3 mile run
Thursday pm: 12 mile ride
Saturday am: 5 mile run
Sunday pm: 15 mile ride, 2 mile run (brick workout)

Some miscellaneous pictures from the weekend:

Sunday was a cool, rainy day and Emma took the opportunity to snooze on the couch.

She was not happy when I woke her up with the flash from the camera!

Mother's Day (yes, Emma counts) came a week early when Chad surprised me by cutting off all of his hair! I have been pestering him to cut it for months, and he finally decided that it was time to get a cut. After going to my favorite place for lunch on Sunday (Chipotle), Chad took me to the mall for a "surprise" - I had a feeling we were headed to the salon, but I wasn't 100% sure. When we stopped right outside of "Max and Mia's" my heart jumped. He got probably 7-8 inches cut off - I was afraid the stylist would slip on all the hair! I took the picture above on the way home after the shearing...what a hunk!

I had some leftover pico de gallo from Chipotle, so on Monday evening I decided to make a black bean burrito for dinner. I only used 5 ingredients: tortilla, brown rice, black beans, reduced fat mozzarella cheese and pico de gallo. It was delicious, filling, and pretty healthy! I scooped up the burrito "droppings" with Lays Baked Scoops tortilla chips. I will probably start eating this quick and easy meal at least once a week. I just noticed that you can see Tiger Wood's eyes peering out at you in the top right hand corner of the photo...that is my Gatorade bottle!


jen said...

Great work on the ride and swim! I am doing my first road ride of the year this weekend and I'm a little nervous. I know it gets easier (it did last summer) but it's nerve-wracking at first! You did awesome.

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! Keep at it!