Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

This past Saturday, we dog-sat for one of my co-workers. He has a 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Max. Max and Emma have met once before, and they seemed to get along well. Max is a very sweet, calm and gentle dog...sort of the antithesis of Emma!

Max came over about 7:30am on Saturday morning and stayed in his kennel until about 9:30am. We kept trying to get him to come out, but he seemed very content to sit in his little house. After a couple of hours, he ventured out.

About a month ago, Chad acquired an obscure red, square shaped chair with a right triangle type back. It's very strange, and we haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. For now, it has been relegated to our extra bedroom next to our extra mattress (aka the guest bed), until we can get it moved upstairs.

Max checked the house out, but he settled in on the red chair for his favorite place to lounge. Emma had never shown any particular interest in the chair before...but that all changed when Max wanted to sit on it.

I now present to you a photographic time line of the Battle for the Red Chair.

Disclaimer: no Cavalier King Charles spaniels or miniature dachshunds were hurt in the making of this photographic journey.

While Max was getting used to his surroundings by resting in his kennel,
Emma took it upon herself to play with all of his toys.

Max finally felt comfortable enough to leave his kennel.

About this time, Emma came into the room and realized that Max was on the chair.
Her chair, apparently!

Emma starts her attack by going for the tail.

The battle for the chair raged on as Emma went for the jugular
( a sweet, playful way).

Max finally gave up the good fight and conceded the chair to Emma.

Emma decided to flaunt her victory by laying on her side and howling.

The end!


Megan said...

Ha! Let Emma try that with Pod...I'll have the eye patches ready.

M. Brooks said...

Pod got her once, but she won't let him get her again! Her downfall is her T-rex arms.