Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Ruby Delatte

Our BFF's, Justin and Charis, brought a beautiful baby girl into the world on Saturday evening. Her name is Ruby Delatte, she weighed in at just over 8 pounds and according to all who have been in her company, she is perfect. Chad and I got to spend some time yesterday with them and I got some great pictures, but I want Charis to be able to post pictures first. That was her only request yesterday when I pulled out the camera - "Please don't put them on Facebook yet!" I promised her I wouldn't, especially because I am kind of over Facebook, but I figure her request probably encompasses blog territory as well.

Chad and I both got to hold her...and it kind of scares me how good Chad looks holding a baby! Justin, Charis and Ruby will be coming home from the hospital today and getting her settled in at home. I can't wait for her to meet "cousin" Emma!
Emma says... "Where that baby at?"

On a training front, I kicked off my half-marathon training plan with a nice and easy 2 mile run in 19:40, followed by a lower body workout. Glad to be back in the saddle again.

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