Monday, May 12, 2008

Part Three: The Finale

Megan was only in the medical area for a few minutes, and then they sent her on her way. We went to the post-race area to get some water and chips for her to eat. My dad pulled up in the car, and we all loaded in and drove back to the hotel to check out. Once we got checked out, we headed back to Lexington - stopping briefly for lunch at McDonald's. There is nothing I love more than a good McDonald's meal after a race! I remember getting McDonald's on the way home from my first half-marathon, and I think it has become a tradition. Chad and I ate at Joe's Crab Shack after the Louisville Marathon - but it was just too much food.

Once back in Lexington, we had about an hour and a half to get cleaned up and relax a little bit before taking Megan, Beulah, and my parents out to the airport. Megan and Beulah's flight to Dallas was supposed to leave at 6:00pm, and my parents flight to Houston was heading out at 6:30pm. After dropping them off at the airport, I stopped at Sonic to pick up dinner for me and Chad. McDonald's, Sonic...yes, I'm an emotional eater. After dinner, Chad headed over to church for the Sunday evening service, and I took a shower and passed out on the couch with little Emma. I watched "Dateline NBC's Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns" and was on Meltdown #2 when I got a phone call. It was about 8:00pm and the call was from my sister. Their flight to Dallas had been canceled, and my parents flight had been delayed until about 11:00. Are you kidding me?! So I got up, got dressed, and Chad and I headed back out to the airport.

I felt so bad for my sister and for Beulah. They were told that the flight was canceled due to mechanical issues, but that they were going to work all night on it, and hopefully fly out at 7:30am Monday morning. We got back to our house about 9:00 and we all went straight to bed. We decided on Sunday night that Chad would take them out to the airport on Monday morning. I just didn't think I could handle going out to the airport again - and plus, I am pretty sure that I was the bad luck link in this whole saga. So, we said our goodbyes at 6:00am, and luckily, their plane took off for Dallas shortly after 7:30am. And I'm happy to report that they made it home safely.

Even though the four days with my family were riddled with peaks and valleys, it was so great to see them -- I would rather have crazy memories with them than no memories at all.

I am going to begin training for the Columbus Marathon on June 16th. Megan - I think I will do this one solo.


jen said...

Oh wow, what a wild ride. I am so glad your sister is ok. I really really admire your decision to turn back for her. She obviously needed you to communicate to the aid station people and make decions in her condition. You did the right thing and you are great sister. :) I'm so glad she wasn't seriously sick and wasn't hospitalized. There are much more important things than a race.

Good luck to you in your continued training! You know you can do it- sounds like you were off to a great start in Cincinnati! Keep up the good work and Bless you for taking care of your sister. :)

Mir said...

I came across your blog from RWOL...what a crazy weekend! I just wanted to say what a heroic, selfless act it was to go back for your sister. I was literally tearing up. I'm glad everything turned out okay, despite the disorganized medical support at the race. And the airline story is definitely a humdinger, my gosh. Hopefully your family's bad luck has been exhausted for a while!

I also saw that you ran the Derby mini--I ran it too! Great race, eh? :) Nice job on your PR--you'll do great this fall. All that training hasn't gone to waste.

Megan said...

Well Mermi you can spin quite a yarn! Haha, it surely was a wild weekend and I love that I can always come here and read about the ups and downs of it all. I will never forget you coming back for me, let's face it, if it wasn't for you I would probably still be staggering around the streets of Cincinatti. But yes, you are on your own for Columbus...but if/when you get a road bike we should definitely do a century together! You're coming to Texas for that one, though - haha!


Meredith said...

Megan - yes, I will definitely come to Texas for a century ride if and when I get a road bike. However, I am fairly sure if I ever get a road bike it will be one of the "GMC Denali" branded $150 ones from Wal-Mart - which would be great and I would love it - but you will probably have to turn back for me and scrape me off the Texas highway when the chain falls off or the tire blows.

Sarah said...

Your stories inspire me to run more than "Chariots of Fire" did! I'm going out for my 2nd attempt today and I know my mantra will be "Meredith! Meredith!" To Megan, if you are reading: all of us in Wilmore are sorry we missed you and hope to meet you soon!