Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jessamine County Sightings

Last night, after working in the yard and taking Emma on a long walk, I decided to treat myself to a Dairy Queen blizzard. I pulled into the drive-thru, and it was about 8 cars long. As I was waiting, I saw a family walking through the parking lot. It was a dad (I assume) and two kids - the kids looked to be 4 or 5 years old. The dad was a few yards ahead of them, talking on a cell phone. The kids were behind him, weaving in and out of cars, and running a parking lot. At one point I lost sight of the boy, but then caught him coming out of a fenced dumpster area - yes, a dumpster area! Meanwhile, the dad has no idea because he is so engrossed in his cell phone conversation. The little boy called out to him at one point, and the dad turned around and lunged forward at him with a bark/growl type sound, like some crazy dog. The little boy recoiled and kept walking, a few lengths behind.

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to give a "shout out" to my mom and dad. I know my mom is a faithful reader! I am so glad that I grew up in a safe environment. No matter what I did, I never had to worry about being hit or being left to wander alone in a parking lot. My sister and I were always getting into trouble and we were disciplined, but we never lived in fear. I hope that one day, when Chad and I are parents, we can draw from all of the wonderful things our parents have taught us over the years.

On a lighter note, I took Emma to the dog park this morning. Once again, we were the only people there! Dog parks aren't too fun when you are there alone. I don't think Emma got enough of a workout, so I'll be taking her for a long walk later today.

My training is about to kick back into gear, and I am really excited. I did some light workouts last week, swimming and 2-3 mile runs, but I'm going to start upping the mileage this week. My hope is that I can still get all my workouts in while I'm in Dallas. I'll be staying with my sister and she is in incredible shape (marathoner, cycler, collegiate lacrosse player and body building hopeful), so I'm thinking we can work out together and she can show me some good running routes.

I'm thinking of finding some stat counter type things for my training and integrating it into my blog. I really enjoy reading other running/training blogs (such as Jay's Ironman Training Blog, Running Chick with the Orange Hat, and Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong) It is really interesting and inspiring to see their progress.

I will post Boston pictures soon - I had a great time on the trip!

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Sarah said...

Oh Jessamine County, land of hauling things out to the curb. Thanks for this post: now I, too, am thankful for my parents taking good care of me in parking lots (nice blog).