Friday, December 8, 2006

Will Work For Mexican Food

I first recognized my addiction four years ago when I was on my way home from college for Christmas break. Sure, I was excited to see my family and friends - but what made me really put the pedal to the metal was the thought that each mile towards Houston put me one mile closer to Taco Cabana.

I cried when we moved from Dallas to Houston. Was it because I would miss my friends? Not really, I could always make new ones. Was it because I was moving away from my older sister? No...I knew she would visit eventually. What kept me awake at night was the fact that I would be leaving my beloved Taco Bueno.

While I was in school in Ruston, Lousiana my love for mexican food further blossomed. I had three great restraunts at my fingertips - Tia Maria's, Cactus Jacks, and my personal favorite Old Mexico. Now, Old Mexico was not for those with weak stomachs. The only one brave enough to steel their stomach and venture into Old Mexico with me was my cousin Emily. We knew there was always a risk of contracting food poisoning or malaria, but boy were those cheese enchiladas worth it.

Here in Lexington, Chad and I have tried scoping out some of the local mexican digs. Chad knows that I could eat mexican food 3 meals a day, 7 days a week and still not satiate my lust for cheese enchiladas. And he is ok with that. That is just one of the reasons why I love him.

So, for now I will spend my days working at the office and my nights searching for Lexington's best cheese enchiladas.


Adam Caldwell said...

Congrats! You've been 'spitboxed'. Check out your post at:

God Bless!!

at the village gate said...

it's taken us until now to find good mexican food. justin and i are always looking for tamales... and there's only one place that we have found that has good ones.