Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

A few years ago Chad and I played Mary & Joseph in the children's Christmas play at the small baptist church that we attended. I came across the picture today and it cracked me up. Since we are only 5 days out from Christmas (so exciting!) I thought it would be an appropriate time to post the picture.

The most memorable part of the play for me was getting whacked in the head with the North Star. It was attached to a fishing pole, and our music minister was responsible for reeling it down into the manager. There was some sort of malfunction with the rod and I ended up getting hit upside the head with the star. It was pretty funny!

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!


*K. Grace said...

OMG :)
Wish I had been there! Glad you posted this!!

Halee said...

Mer, when you named your blog, did you ever think about what would happen when you turned 24??? :)

Make sure and change your link to my blog to my new one: I am going to be better about keeping up with this one!