Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas in Wilmore

For the past two years, my early December weekends have not included Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, or Christmas partying. No, the early winter nights for the past two years have included a never ending playlist of Johnny Mathis, Sesame Street, Celtic Woman, Elvis, Bob the Builder, Andre Rieu, and Wayne Dyer. Winter time means pledge time at most public television stations, and such was my life at KET. For the past two years, December has meant 70 hour work weeks, unbelievable stress, and sky-rocketing blood pressure. Last year, I literally thought that I had experienced a stress-induced stroke (if those are even possible).

However, as Charles Wesley so eloquently wrote in his hymn And Can it Be - "my chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and left KET*". Since I am no longer at KET, I have the great joy of experiencing all that our community has to offer during the Christmas season.

One thing that the city of Wilmore offers each year is an "Old Fashioned Musical Christmas". It is always held the 1st weekend of December and provides the community with well, an old fashioned musical Christmas. I was able to find a link to all of the festivities: This will be the 20th year for this festival, which I think is pretty impressive.

Growing up, my parents would always take us to "Dickens on the Strand" in Galveston, TX, which is also always held on the 1st weekend in December. I am really happy to see that they will be holding the event this weekend, despite the recent devestation from Hurricane Ike. I absolutley loved Dickens on the Strand and the festive atmosphere, and I am looking forward to being able to experience that tomorrow, even if only in a small way. I hope to bring our camera, and/or convince a friend who has a really nice camera (hint, hint one of you Strebecks) to take some photos of the evening. Hopefully I can then post them here!

I want to apologize for the lack of posting on the blog lateley. Life has been hectic and busy this fall and I have let several things slide, mainly blogging and running. Oddly enough, these are two of the things that I enjoy most! So I am going to try and get back on track with both. I will let that statement serve as an early New Year's resolution.

To quote Paula Deen, I wish you love and best dishes throughout this Christmas season.

*I made a slight edit to the lyrics. I know this is probably sacreligous, and for that I apolgize.


chad said... quoted The Asbury Fight Song, that means that you really do work there now.

amberly said...

re: Christmas and camaera: We'll bring a camera and take all the pics you want (though I'm a bit insecure about trying to run a camera when Justin is around)

re: "new years" resolutions (kinda): is your bike fixed?

re: life in general: I'm glad we're friends. :)

Mir said...

Wow, you used to work for KET? Wild--I remember watching that channel ALL THE TIME when I was little.

I feel you on the stressful Decembers though. At my old job, December meant getting ready for the upcoming academic semester. Similar work weeks and stress levels. Glad you're able to enjoy your holidays this year!!

Anonymous said...

I know how that is, I've been letting a lot slide as well!! Life does that to ya!! :)