Friday, June 27, 2008

In Labor!

I'm in labor! Actually - no, but she is!

This is my friend Dru. Her water broke this morning at about 7:00am, and the birthing process appears to be slow going for her. It is now 3:10pm and still no baby - but we know that he is on his way.

Dru has been such a great friend to me for the past two years while we've been in Kentucky. She has always cheered me on with my running, and in fact was there with Chad and Amberly as I finished the Louisville Marathon. She actually was supposed to run a mile with me, but she found out that she was pregnant a few days before the marathon and didn't want to jostle the baby around! She is one tough cookie though, and I know she is going to get through labor like a champ.

You can follow her progress at her husband Adam's blog:

Adam and Dru - we are all thinking about you and can't wait to meet your baby boy!

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Anonymous said...

Mer, I am so glad I got to see the blog and keep up with Dru, Hubby and Baby! They are all looking joyus! LUL MOM